The Uniqueness of Christianity

By Pastor Ed Moreno

Jesus said in John 14:6: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” This claim rankles people like no other. Christians have been called arrogant, narrow-minded, and bigoted for saying Jesus is the only way to God. But the thing is, Jesus is the one who says that. Christians are just relating what Jesus said.

Part of the reason why this claim is so controversial is because it strikes at the core of three great myths about religion. I’ll briefly address the first one. The first myth says: “When you get down to it, all religions are basically the same.” The truth is that there are major differences between the religions of the world. And Christianity is like no other.  Christianity’s uniqueness is rooted in the uniqueness of Jesus himself.

Someone once noted that other religious leaders say, “Follow me and I’ll show you how to find truth.”  But Jesus says, “I am the truth.”

Other religious leaders say, “Follow me and I’ll show you the way to salvation.”  But Jesus says,  “I am the way to eternal life in heaven.”

Other religious leaders say, “Follow me and I’ll show you how to become enlightened.”  But Jesus says, “I am the light.”

Other religious leaders say, “Follow me and I’ll show you the door that leads to God.”   But Jesus says, “I am the door.”

Then Jesus adds, “So follow Me.”

What the different religions of the world teach contradict each other, so let’s not pretend they are all true. That’s irrational. They can’t all be true. What one needs to look for is who authenticated their claims.  Jesus claimed to be divinity and the only way to God, so how does he back up his claims? Jesus backs up his claims with unique credentials that make him uniquely credible.

For example, Jesus fulfilled dozens of centuries-old prophecies against all mathematical odds of probability. And unlike other religious leaders, Jesus performed great miracles that further authenticated his claim of being God’s one and only Son. And in the most spectacular demonstration of his deity, Jesus fulfilled his own prediction by rising from the grave after three days exactly as he said he would. And this was witnessed by more than 500 people.  No other religious leader ever did the powerful things Jesus did.  So, it’s not narrow-minded to say Jesus is the only way to God if the overwhelming evidence supports that claim.