Hamner Widening Project

By Anthony Saude

Eastvale – The Hamner Avenue Widening Project is estimated to begin in July of this year, and is simply the next chapter in the city of Eastvale’s master plan.

The City is experiencing the kind of growth that was once only a dream written down on paper. The plan has been well thought out is now being executed by city officials in a very deliberate and responsible manner.

What is the Hamner Widening Project? The improvements being made will be limited to the east side of Hamner Avenue, adjacent to the Swan Lake property. The goal is to remove the “bottleneck” and increase the capacity of the roadway to accommodate the increased traffic. A lane will be added to each direction of the roadway increasing the number of lanes from 1 lane each way to having 2 lanes in each direction.

All of the improvements will be done within the existing Public Right-of –Way rules that are already required outside of the Swan Lake property. The immediate benefit this project will bring to the community will be a detour that will be needed during the upcoming I-15/Limonite construction.

The detour will be needed when the 1-15/Limonite interchange construction begins in August of this year. Additionally, the pavement on Hamner between Limonite Avenue and Amberhill Avenue will be rehabilitated.

The project is funded by the Western Riverside County of Governments (WRCOG) through the Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee (TUMF).