Family Troubles

By Anthony Saude

Marriage will always be something different than what was imagined, no matter how “ready” we are. The family is the latest addition to a long list of manmade endangered species. This has been happening for decades now, slowly sneaking up on us like a black cloud. Telling us that things just weren’t made to last forever, love and happiness are the same. You can’t have one without the other so make sure you have that escape hatch in your sight at all times.

Isn’t it interesting that less people are getting married these days because of they have been enlightened and educated in the field of happiness. Even though all of this “new” information has come to light in society today, divorce rates don’t change. The effort from men and organizations of men it will take to save the family in this environment will have to be monumental and all encompassing.

We save trees, whales, seals and bears. We protect fish, mice, birds and speech with a vengeance, as though our life depended on it but we bail on our families because we are “unhappy”. It seems we are more concerned about our own selfish feelings than the people that we are sitting across the table from. These are the very same people that we chose, of our own free will, to be the people sitting across the table from us.

Marriage will be something different, it will be something new and it can be a great adventure, if you let it. It will be a great teacher about the important things in life if you decide to be a great student. Of course you can always take the easy way out nobody can stop you. Life is choices.