Eastvale Community Success Story

Photo: City Of Eastvale
Photo is of the newly installed pedestrian crosswalks at the intersection of Cherry Creek Circle and Sunny Brook Lane.

Staff Reports

Eastvale – During a recent Neighborhood Watch meeting, an Eastvale resident presented their concerns about the intersection on Cherry Creek Circle and Sunny Brook Lane. The intersection, according to the resident is a high pedestrian traffic intersection and that it was in need of a pedestrian crosswalk. The Public Works Department took the concern to heart and a team assessed the intersection in the field by observing traffic and conducting traffic counts. It was confirmed, based on their findings, that there truly was need for the installation of a pedestrian crosswalk. Due to the number of students and parents that cross the street daily triple four style enhanced crosswalks were installed as well as a curb ramp that meets ADA requirements.

The City of Eastvale is always open to ideas and suggestions from our residents and we welcome the input. This is a perfect example of how the Eastvale community works together in making our city better each day and a reminder that we are better together. Only together can we can accomplish great things!