Autism MOM

By Melody Kraemer

Living with autism isn’t just part of my life. It’s my world. I don’t think much about it, it’ just what I do. I am a mother of 2 autistic boys.  I sometimes forget that people are not aware of what autism is. I have been asked many questions throughout the years regarding “autism.”

I would like to share the most asked questions and statements I have experienced over the years. These are just a the most asked out of the many questions I have been asked.

  1. Will they outgrow it?

Answer: No. But I can do everything in my power to help them to have a fulfilling life.

  1. Why is he flapping/spinning like that, how much sugar have you given him today?

Answer: Not much, he has autism, its part of his autism. He’s expressing himself.

  1. My sister’s nephew’s cousin has a boy with autism, so I know all about autism and what you are going through.

Answer: No, you really don’t because every autistic child is unique just like all children are unique.

  1. Are you sure he has autism, he looks normal?

Answer: What is normal? Is he supposed to have a tail?

  1. How did you know he had autism?

Answer: The Doctor told me

What made you take him to the Doctors in the first place?

Answer: Concerns. His nonverbal, nonsocial behavior, sensitivity to noise, food, and touch.

  1. Did you know before he was born that he had autism?

Answer: No, autism was not detected in the womb.

  1. What do you think happened that caused him to have autism?

Answer: I can’t answer that, nobody really can. I don’t know. According to 1 out of 59 kids has autism.

  1. Is autism contagious?

Answer: No, it’s not. Your child will not catch autism from my child.

  1. Does he go to a special school for kids like him?

Answer: He’s in a public school, in the autism program.

  1. Where does the autism come from? Does it run in the family?

Answer: No, it does not run in our family.

This is just a handful of the questions an autism parent will be asked at least one time if not many times. I try and smile through the many questions I get on a daily basis. All I hope for is my children to be accepted and others to have the understanding and awareness of autism. If others become more aware of autism these questions would get asked less and less.

Melody is a mother, wife and small business owner. You can find her and community events on her online newsletters: Macaroni Kid Eastvale and Riverside.