Board Member Files Claim Against CVUSD

By Anthony Saude

Chino– Some Don Lugo parents say they are satisfied with the way the school and the district handled investigations into sexual hazing incidents last year that involved freshmen on the football team. In Contrast to the statements made by Chino Valley school board member Irene Hernandez-Blair.

The parents speaking at a school board meeting said the school had notified them about the alleged incidents and student interviews were conducted by the district and the Chino Police Department.

Some of those parents also stated that the school offered counseling services to their sons but that their boys did not feel victimized in any way during the incidents. It is alleged the incidents took place over a period of several days in November 2017.

Four community members who do not have children attending Don Lugo spoke in support of Mrs. Blair.

Mrs. Blair announced she could no longer stay quiet about the “egregious acts” and this week told her story to NBC News in Los Angeles. The news station broadcast a video of an incident that appeared to show a student being held down by other students.

The students in the video were clothed and their faces were blurred.

Mrs. Blair told the media that “flesh to flesh contact” had also occurred.

On June 12, Blair filed a claim against the school district on behalf of her son, a member of the freshman football team last year.

The claim alleges sexual assault, humiliation, emotional distress and sexual harassment.

Sexual assault, by definition, places a person in fear of imminent sexual contact or sexual battery.

Sexual battery, on the other hand, is the physical sex act. Mr. Prince, Mrs. Blair’s attorney declined to answer if any physical contact was alleged in the claim.  It was reported that he said In this case there was not intercourse but there were clear victims and perpetrators.

After the investigations by the district it was recommended by the district’s human resources department that head football coach Greg Gano be terminated immediately.

At public meeting held on a February 15, the Don Lugo football community convinced the board to keep the coach. Mrs. Blair recused herself because of a possible conflict of interest.

Mr. Prince, Blair’s attorney said that parents were led to believe that Mrs. Blair was critical of the coach because her son was not given sufficient playing time in games and that the district allowed that perception to take root.

Their claim is that this was not being handled at all and was being swept under the rug and a false narrative was being perpetrated by the district. Mr. Prince also filed a claim June 12 on behalf of Corina Talamantes and her son, another Don Lugo student and a member of the freshman football team last year. The claim alleges sexual assault, humiliation, emotional distress, and sexual harassment.

The claims submitted by Mrs. Blair and Mrs. Talamantes seek an unspecified amount in damages and settlement demands.

The board rejected the claims and referred them to the district’s insurance carrier.