Diamond Bar Restaurant Closed By Health Board

By Anthony Saude

Diamond Bar – Cockroach, dirt and debris found near hanging ducks at Diamond Bar restaurant, and other health inspections in the San Gabriel Valley

Not only did a health inspector find numerous live and dead cockroaches during a visit to a Chinese restaurant in Diamond Bar, she also discovered filthy conditions and shut it down.

Facilities are graded with a number and letter score much like school report cards.

When a Los Angeles food facility is temporarily closed for a cockroach, rodent, or fly infestation, sewage problems, or for not having hot water, the facility loses seven points in addition to the four points deducted for major health violations. At the point of discovery of two major health hazards occurring concurrently, the facility loses an additional three points in its inspection score. Results like those will usually result in loss of passing grades (perhaps from A to B or A to C).

In contrast to the County of Los Angles Public Health department, the Pasadena health agency does not issue grades but rather one of three placards to each establishment: “Pass,” “Conditional Pass,” or “Closed.” The city does deduct points the same way the county does, but if an inspector determines a closure is warranted, the facility loses 26 points automatically.

The inspector, employed at the Los Angeles County Public Health Department paid a visit to Jade House Seafood & BBQ on June 18. She noted on a report filed with the agency that there was cockroach infestation as well as several other health code violations. The duck roasting station itself was noted for having:

One adult cockroach (living)

A heavy build up of dirt and debris on the shelf and cooking equipment

An employee’s hot beverage

There was also a lot of dust, debris and dirt on the fan being used to cool the hanging ducks. The restaurant received a score of 76 and was shut down. As of publication, it had not been allowed to reopen.