Basketball Hoops Not Permitted In The Street

City Of Chino Hills

 Chino Hills – City of Chino Hills officials have noted an increase in basketball hoops placed in the street. The City will be placing notices on basketball hoops as part of an educational effort to prevent this unsafe practice. “We would like to remind residents that it is unlawful to obstruct the street or sidewalk with play equipment, and that applies to basketball hoops in the public right-of-way,” said Brandi Larson, Code Enforcement Supervisor. “Basketball hoops in the street obstruct parking, motorists, and pedestrians; and can block the street sweeper leaving debris that may get into the storm drains.” The Chino Hills Municipal Code is available online at The section that applies is 8.12.020(21) which prohibits the placement of any play equipment in the streets, alleys or sidewalks.