Man Detained by Chino Hills PD

By Anthony Saude

Chino Hills – A woman was in her Chino Hills home alone when she heard a knock at her door. Her husband and children had just left for the store when she heard a knock on the door. What happened is something that residents should take note of and inform all family members. Here is the residents experience of the incident in her own words.

We’ve realized that we need Ring more than ever, especially after what we just experienced. About 2 hours ago, my husband left for the store with our kids and shortly after I hear the door bell ring several times and knocking at the door. I look out the window and see a young man looking through our windows and trying to open our side gate. I yelled at him asking what he’s doing and to go away. He goes to my front door again, turns our door knob and yells, “open your door!” I told him to go away again and that I was calling the cops. He walked back to his truck, took another look at my house and drove off very fast. The chino hills police found him minutes later and he is detained. While this is still under investigation, I wanted to remind everyone how important it is to take notes in a situation like this because with all the detail I had, the PD was able to find him. I’m sure if I had Ring, it could have provided the police with a lot more detail about the whole situation. It also made me realize how important it is NOT to answer the door and to go with your gut. Thank you to the CHPD for responding so quickly.

Be careful who you open the door too especially if you are home alone. The resident acted quickly yelling at the intruder and calling the police.