Beautiful Challenges

By Melody Kramer – Autism Mom

My children are autistic

You may not see it from the start.

If you only knew the challenges

you would understand my heart.

I try my best from when they wake

to when they sleep,

Most nights I go to bed and weep.

I’m exhausted to no end

and coffee gets me through the day,

but nothing compares to the love that my boys give away.


They have their moments

Oh and are they tough

I ask God for patience

cause it can get rough.

If you only knew what I go through daily

from their tantrums to them losing control.

You wouldn’t be so quick to judge

and more acceptable to console.


It isn’t always easy raising kids,

especially one or two who’s autistic.

So forgive me please if at times I seem distant or cold

I’m just trying to hold it together, so I don’t lose control.

I love my boys with all my heart,

The lessons they teach me, the joy they bring,

the love they share, the smiles they give, the songs they sing.

God blessed me more then I could ever imagine

And yes they are a challenge what more can I say

I am so thankful I am their mommy every day.

Melody Kramer is the publisher of Macaroni Kid in Jurupa Valley and Riverside. Macaroni Kid is an online newsletter for family events. Check out the link below for more information about fun, exciting and educational events in your area.