Stress Makes a Mess

Melody Kramer – Autism Mom

All my life I have been an emotional eater. I eat when I’m happy, sad, grieving, angry,  and mostly when stressed.

Stress plays a huge part in my life.  Which in turn stress eating plays a more prominent role.  My stress levels of each day can rise to full capacity. How do I control my stress, I eat.


What is emotional eating?

“Emotional eating (or stress eating) is using food to make yourself feel better—eating to satisfy emotional needs, rather than to satisfy physical hunger. … Emotional hunger can’t be filled with food. Eating may feel good in the moment, but the feelings that triggered the eating are still there.



Raising two autistic boys, my level of stress can get to a high point during the day, but I am learning now, through a health coach, to not reach for unhealthy food while stressed.

We all know stress eating is not healthy.   When I am at the limit of my stress, I reach for that comfort food, it tastes so good, for that “moment.”  After that “moment” I’m still stressed. Even more so because now I feel tired and/or sluggish and my head is cloudy all filled up with the sugary and/or salty item I just ate.

So why eat when stressed?  For me, at that moment of stress, it’s an automatic trigger to go binge, for an “instant” rush of satisfaction.


Thank goodness for my health coach, he is teaching me how to change my lifestyle of eating and get on the right track to healthy living and to make better choices and not emotional eating.

I am sure many of you are living a healthy lifestyle, but for the ones that need that extra help of getting on the road to healthy eating, email me I’ll put you in contact with my health coach. Let’s get healthy together. I would love to hear from you, and my coach would like to help you.