By Dennis Morales

1 Corinthians 3:1 “I couldn’t talk to you as…spiritual people…”


My two boys have just moved up another grade in school.  It’s really hard to assimilate sometimes in my parental cortex, but they are growing.  I couldn’t be happier that they are growing and healthy.  Paul spoke to an audience dealing with stunted growth, not in a physical sense, but a spiritual sense.  People had told us prior to our sons being born; don’t talk baby talk, because it will affect their maturity and speech.  When Paul spoke to the Corinthian church, he said that he couldn’t speak in spiritual terms because they were still spiritual babies.  They should have grown or progressed, but they were immature.  They should have passed up the milk and gone on toward food that requires you to sink your teeth into it.  Paul says that immaturity was evident because of the things that were happening among them like strife, divisiveness, immorality, and envy (1Corinthians 3:3).  Their behavior didn’t change, and they weren’t maturing.   Unfortunately, many people have never grown up spiritually. They made an initial commitment to follow Christ but have never really understood what it means to be committed in following Jesus.  Saying a prayer of commitment to Jesus is not all a Christian life is.  Jesus becomes Lord and you begin to understand what it means for Him to lead your life.  Spiritual growth should not just be Christian radio listening to sermons or music but cutting into your own food.  We need to learn how to feed ourselves the spiritual food.  Your foundation starts with your Bible.  The Bible is likened to bread (Matthew 4:4), meat (Hebrews 5:11-14), and even Honey (Ps 119:103).  As we take steps closer to God, we experience His goodness, grace and glory in our lives in new ways.  Calvary Chapel Eastvale meets at Clara Barton Elementary in Eastvale.  Services are held Sundays at 8:30 and 10:30am. Wednesdays at 7pm.