City Of Chino Hills Adopts Extra Fee for Credit Card Users

Staff Reports

Chino Hills – Beginning September 10, the City of Chino Hills will be adding a 2.5% convenience fee when payments are made via credit and/or debit cards. This fee passes the cost of credit card transactions to the customer paying by credit or debit card. The extra charge will affect customers registering for City classes, programs, and events; and paying for facility rentals; permits; document copies; passport execution and passport photo fees; and, other payments made to the City. Customers making payments by cash or check won’t be affected by the new fee. This convenience fee will also not apply to utility bill payments, or any charges related to utilities, because those credit card transaction charges were already built into the rates. “The City of Chino Hills works to allocate the cost of service to the person benefiting from the service,” said Christa Buhagiar, Finance Director. “This credit card convenience fee is a continuation of that philosophy and charges the credit card customer the costs associated with processing the transaction.” According to Buhagiar, the City is currently absorbing approximately $20,000 for non-utility credit card transactions over the course of a year.