Chino Hills PD Searching for Burglary Suspect



INCIDENT: Burglary

LOCATION: Chino Hills

SUSPECT(S): Black male adult/juvenile , wearing heavily ripped sagging denim jeans, multi-colored blue/purple hoodie with white stripe under sleeves, yellow and black boxers, black shoes, blue work gloves, and red patent leather backpack with gold zippers.

VICTIM(S): Confidential

SUMMARY: On Friday August 3rd, 2018, at approximately 10:41 am, a black male adult wearing, blue jeans, purple hoodie, blue gloves and a red backpack was captured on the victim’s video surveillance shattering the glass to the residence rear slider door with an unknown tool (possibly a glass punch). The suspect never entered the residence and is heard on the victim’s video saying “the cops are coming.” The suspect leaves the backyard by jumping over the south wall and was unable to be identified. The suspect left the incident location i n a gray Ford Mustang with a cloth top.

During the attempt burglary it was discovered the residence was occupied by the home owner, including a newborn. The suspect is believed to be related to similar burglaries in Chino Hills and surrounding areas.

Any questions, please contact the Chino Hills Station.

Refer: Deputy G. Perez at the Chino Hills Station Email:

Station: Chino Hills Police Station

Phone No. (909) 364-2000

Case No. 221802480