By Melody Kraemer

We all have choices. We all have options. When we wake up in the morning, we can decide to be happy, sad, frustrated even angry or whatever emotion we choose.

We can plan our day and make the choice of how we want it to go. It may not always go the way we want, but at least we have that choice in hopes, it goes the way we planned.

There are a few things that we can’t and don’t have choices for.  One thing is we didn’t have a choice when we were born, or the family we were born into.  We also are not to choose when we die.  Everything in between is an option or a choice for the most part.  My boys were born with autism that was not my choice or an option I would have chosen. I do though have the option and the choices to do what is the very best for them.  What school I put them in, the classes they have even the extra help they get after school.

The worst thing one can say is I don’t have an option. According to Merriam Dictionary, an option is “the power or right to choose.” I hope the choices I make for my boys are the right ones. I always have their best interest at heart. Yes, it can get tiresome from appointments to IEP meetings but I choose all of that because of the love I have for my boys and always want the best for them. I would never do anything in my life that made myself or my boys miserable and say, I have no other option but to do this. Life is about choices and options. Why choose something to make one miserable. Make the choices in life that bring joy, happiness and what is best for oneself and for the family. Remember there’s always an option.

Melody Kraemer

Editor and Publisher Macaroni Kid Jurupa Valley- Eastvale

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