Three Generatons

By Mark Hopper

My wife and I grew up in the Phoenix area. When we were young, our parents took us to Southern California for summer vacation. We didn’t know each other at the time, but our families went to a lot of the same places like San Diego, Mission Beach, Sea World and Disneyland.

After we got married and settled in Tucson, Arizona, we brought our own children to Southern California, too. It was a big deal for us to take our four kids to San Diego, Mission Bay and the San Diego Zoo. On a few special occasions, we brought them to Disneyland. One of our favorite family memories was packing their suit cases while our kids slept and then picking them up at school and driving out of town as they tried to guess where we were going. We will never forget their shouts of excitement when they discovered we were going to Disneyland.

Now, there is a third generation of Hopper kids and grandkids that have enjoyed going to Disneyland together. Recently we went with six of our grandchildren and their parents to the Magic Kingdom.  It is fun to see the excitement and wonder in their eyes and in their voices. There is no place like Disneyland!

The younger members of our family prefer rides like Dumbo, Peter Pan and the Tea Cups. Their parents like to try more adventurous rides like Indians Jones, Runaway Mine Train and Star Tours. The grandparents enjoy more mellow rides like the Monorail, Mark Twain steam boat; it’s a Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Everyone enjoyed the Pixar Parade and the Fireworks display. My wife and our daughters managed to do a little shopping and we found time for some good food and snacks, too. It was a memorable day for our family.

Our budget doesn’t allow us to go to Disneyland very often and your budget may not either. But, I do think it is priceless to make some memories with our family from time to time. They were glad we did and we were too!

Pastor Mark Hopper

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