Eastvale: Updated Yard Maintenance Requirements


Staff Reports

The City of Eastvale is working with residents to maintain a clean and beautiful environment for our community.

We have updated the regulations for front and side yard appearances, and want to keep you informed about these updates to remind you of our Yard Maintenance section in the Zoning Code.

Any front yard or side yard that is visible from the street, shall be landscaped and maintained. Maintenance requirements include the following:

• Trash/Waste free yards
• Working yard lighting
• Mowed lawns to a height of no more than 6 inches
• All unplanted/unpaved areas need to be covered with mulch, bark, etc.

We encourage residents of Eastvale to show their uniqueness and individuality when choosing to landscape their homes. Whatever style you choose, be sure to follow these maintenance rules:

• Plants must be in a healthy condition
• All tress/ shrubs must be pruned for proper appearance
• Remove all dead wood and branches from yards

Visible outdoor storage is not permitted in any front yard, or side yard. Don’t block vehicle/pedestrian traffic on any public street, sidewalk, or right-of-way.

We encourage you to stay up to date on the Zoning Code to contribute to our aesthetically attractive city, as well as avoiding any potential fines due to any violations.

The City appreciates your care and cooperation in keeping Eastvale beautiful!

For more information on the Yard Maintenance requirements, please visit the Zoning Code, Section 5.8 at https://buff.ly/2RHnwSl

You may also contact City Hall with any further questions at 951.361.0900