Swim Smarter in an Automated, State-of-the-Art Pool & Spa

Staff Reports

Eastvale homeowners want more than a pretty swimming pool. They want beauty and design elements such as sweeping shapes, lush waterfalls, and custom rockwork, but they also want a high-tech pool that’s easy and affordable to own. “More than ever before, this means building pools that save time and money,” says Ron Grijalva, General Manager of Blue Haven Pools & Spas in the Inland Empire. 

According to Grijalva, with today’s consumers more tech-savvy, more environmentally friendly, and more time-conscious than ever before, they expect a pool that delivers a real return on their investment. As a result, the traditional backyard pool has changed to respond. “People drive a car that’s loaded with the latest gadgets,” he says. “So it’s natural to want a pool with all the bells and whistles that delivers similar kinds of lifestyle benefits.” In the Inland Empire, says Grijalva, pool buyers routinely opt for a range of energy- and water-saving features and newer technologies that increase the ease and comfort of pool ownership.

For starters, options for reducing chlorine use are available. Because of their many benefits, healthier alternatives are increasingly popular. One favorite is an ozone generator. By drastically reducing the demand for chlorine—a corrosive agent—and other costly, harsh pool chemicals, this highly effective technology reduces red eyes, dry hair, dry irritated skin, and the bleach-like fumes common with chlorine use. At the same time, explains Grijalva, the system ensures a sparkling fresh swimming environment and water that’s remarkably clear and silky soft on the skin.

When it comes to keeping pool water sparkling, the filter also plays a key role. Today’s convenient cartridge models conserve water by eliminating the need for the water-robbing process known as backwashing. Filter units with extra-large storage capacity also extend the time in between needed cleanings. Some even come with built-in antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of unwanted microbes—so the filter stays fresher between cleanings.

Homeowners concerned about high electric rates are turning to energy-efficient pool cleaners. These units also help automate what was once a dreaded manual chore. Choosing a two- or variable-speed pump is another way to save on utility bills. These models can cut pool energy costs as much as 70 percent!

Homeowners are also taking advantage of automation and remote controls to manage pool & spa operations. Options include handheld remote devices, as well as programs and apps for desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. New levels of innovation are also available with pool design features. For example, energy-efficient LED lighting illuminates a pool and landscape in dazzling, changing colors.

Distinctive colors are also found in the materials used for the pool’s interior finish. Gleaming quartz aggregate outperforms old-fashioned plaster and creates a smooth, slip-resistant surface that resists deep stains. Best of all, quartz gives any pool added dimension with lasting color that won’t fade. More information on time- and money-saving pool technology, as well as information on pool design and financing programs (oac), is available at bluehaven.com. You can also request a free 44-page color brochure, no-obligation in-home estimate and custom pool plan designed for your backyard. Call us at 909-947-6474 or visit our design center at 2318 South Vineyard Avenue, Ontario.