Eastvale to Conduct Community Satisfaction Study

By Olivia Applegate

Eastvale – The City of Eastvale strives to be strategic in communication, community engagement, and community outreach efforts to help lead to a better understanding of the priorities and needs of the community.
The City of Eastvale is partnering with True North Research Inc. in a Community Satisfaction Study to measure resident perspectives and preferences with City services, quality of life, and other relevant information. True North Research Inc. understands and appreciates the importance of gathering public input and providing a voice to residents as part of the City’s planning processes. They also recognize that a statistically reliable survey is a balanced, effective way for residents to assist the City in identifying priorities, making tough budgetary decisions, and identifying strategic goals. Eastvale’s Community Satisfaction Study will provide an unbiased assessment of resident perceptions that are statistically representative of Eastvale’s adult population.
“As we continue to make Eastvale a great city, we strongly encourage the input and feedback from our residents,” Mayor Todd Rigby said. “We strive to provide multiple avenues for our residents to share their thoughts and desires for Eastvale, with one way being our Community Satisfaction Study. These results will be used to ensure the City’s goals, priorities, and budget is in line with what our residents desire.”
A statistically representative random sample of 1,000 Eastvale residents over the age of 18 will be contacted for the study and will be recruited through direct mail, email invitations, and phone calls. Survey results will be presented to the City Council February 27, 2019.
Eastvale City Manager Bryan Jones encourages residents to participate when contacted for the study. “We are excited about conducting this study. This is the first time we are scientifically measuring residents’ satisfaction and preferences about City services and their opinions about the quality of life in Eastvale. This feedback will allow us to know how we’re doing as we strive to exceed Eastvale’s expectations every day and it will provide valuable input for decisions that are made as we help shape Eastvale’s tomorrow, today.”