Autism Mom: Am I Crazy?

Melody Kraemer (aka Autism Mom)

By Melody Kramer

Some people may think I’m crazy by taking my autistic boys to a Harlem Globetrotter game. What was I thinking about taking my boys out to a loud and crowded place?  It’s a place that is filled with lots of people and loud noises. It’s a place where people may not understand my autistic children who screamed just a little and kicked the back of someone’s chair.

It’s all good though.  I get questioned all the time about places I take my boys. Such as, “But they have autism, are you sure this is a place for them?  Yes, it’s a place for them. Mind you I may not be able to watch the entire show. I may have to walk in the hallways a bit, and I may spend some time making sure the seats in front of us aren’t kicked.  My patience may be pushed to the limits, and I may even cry a bit.

Are you wondering, why put me through this? Is it even worth going?  The answer is Yes, it’s worth everything I do.

By exposing my autistic boys to an environment which they may not be as comfortable in, over time they will become more comfortable.

We all are uncomfortable one time or another, more often than not probably. So why should it be any different for my boys?  With my boys, I just have to ease into things a little slower and gradually.

  I may not have seen all of the show this time, but I have to say I did see more than the last event we attended. I believe in the future we will be able to sit and watch an entire show/event; it just takes patience and God by our side.

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