Eastvale Community Satisfaction Study Reveals High Marks for Quality of Life

Results will help City leaders determine future priorities and community engagement efforts

By Olivia Applegate, City of Eastvale

The City’s inaugural Community Satisfaction Study shows that residents are highly satisfied with the quality of life in Eastvale and say it is an excellent place to raise a family.
The overwhelmingly positive results of the survey were received by the City Council at a special meeting on Wednesday, February 27, 2019. The random sampling of 1,178 residents gathered opinions on issues such as transportation, development, public safety, and the effectiveness of City communications.
“Thank you to our residents for providing valuable input regarding our city in the Communication Satisfaction Study,” Mayor Todd Rigby said. “We are pleased with how satisfied our residents are with our City and the services we provide, but we are not complacent with the results. The positive feedback we received symbolizes how well we work together as a team with our City staff, City Council, Law Enforcement, Fire Department, developers, businesses, and most importantly, our residents; all taking an active part in this success. We will use this information to address future planning, funding opportunities, and outreach in Eastvale as we continue to improve our city. We know and understand that our residents desire a better dining experience and are actively working to bring this to our community. Your voice matters, and we welcome your continued feedback, always.”
Among the findings:

• 90% of residents give Eastvale high scores for quality of life and as a place to raise a family.
• 82% are satisfied with City services such as park maintenance, fire protection, emergency medical services, and community events.
• A majority say City staff are professional, accessible, and helpful.
• 71% say Eastvale’s top funding priority should be maintaining local streets, improving intersections, and synchronizing traffic signals.
• City-to-resident communication and engagement is strong; most residents would like to see a smartphone app that allows them to report issues, receive updates, etc.
• 35% of respondents say they long for more dining and shopping options.

The independent survey was conducted by True North Research Inc. of Encinitas, Calif., from January 19 through February 4. Participants were recruited via mail, email, and phone, and the data was collected online and by telephone, in English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.
“The intention of this survey was to give residents a voice in City government and we would like to thank everyone who participated in the study,” City Manager Bryan Jones said. “Understanding residents’ interests, concerns, and needs will help us accomplish the priority goals identified in the City’s strategic plan and exceed Eastvale’s expectations every day.”