Pastor Rob Norris, The Crossings

Are You Worthy of Imitating?

His delight is in the law of the LORD, and in His law he meditates day and night.

Psalm 1:2
Pastor Rob Norris, The Crossings
Pastor Rob Norris, The Crossings

By Pastor Rob Norris

As parents, we need to think about the priorities we are teaching our children by our words and our actions. Ask yourself, If I could pass on my relationship with God to my kids, would they be satisfied with what they receive? If my children could never experience anything more than what I have today, would they be given enough to navigate themselves successfully through life? Would they experience God? One thing I have learned is that your children will listen to what you say, and they will do what you tell them, but they will become who you are. If your daily experience with Christ is less than you want your children to possess, they probably won’t ever have it either.
Your model should be the man in Psalm 1–the one whose “delight” is in spending time with God and His Word (verse 2). The one who “meditates” on the things of God through the ins and outs of the day. The one who keeps him- or herself “firmly planted” by those “streams of water” (verse 3).
Live It:
Share honestly those things that are distracting you right now from your relationship with Christ. How are you showing your children the reality of truly walking with Jesus Christ?
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