Autism Mom: God Sends Us Angels

By Melody Kraemer

God puts angels in our lives, and we call them friends. The other day had been rough. I had been sick for days and trying to hold it together with my autistic boys.  It was a day where everything just seemed to go wrong. It could have been the fact I was just so sick.

We moms know, life doesn’t stop because we are ill. All we can hope for is the kids will be good and go down early for bed. Though more often than not that’s not the case. 

I was exhausted from going to the doctor’s and  I was so worn down. My youngest came home from school and had meltdown after meltdown. One of the tantrums lasted forty-five minutes.  I was screamed at and yelled at. My patience was running thin and I was about to throw in the towel and say I can’t do this anymore.

Then I received a text message.

It was a friend of mine, an angel sent from God, saying she was on her way over to drop something off. The doorbell rang and there she stood. It could have been all the cold medicine I was on, but I think I actually saw a heavenly glow around her. She was holding a pizza for my boys and chicken soup and Starbuck’s tea for me.  I had no words.  I wanted to give her a big hug but I knew I couldn’t pass my germs on. Instead, I got teary-eyed and cried. I was feeling so blessed.

I was so thankful and I thanked the heavens above. A light had come into my darkness and I knew God was taking care of me. Just a reminder to all of you, don’t give up. You will always have angels around you.

Melody Kraemer is the Editor and Publisher of Macaroni Kid: Jurupa Valley-Eastvale and Macaroni Kid: Riverside. For more information or general encouragement, feel free to email her at: