Chino Hay Fire

Photo Courtesy: CVFD
Chino Valley Fire District battle high flames at a Chino dairy farm

Staff Reports

Chino – Firefighters from the Chino Valley Fire District (CVFD) responded to a second-alarm hay fire on Tuesday, May 7 at around 8:04 p.m.  The fire was located in the 8300 block of Pine Ave at a Chino dairy farm. 

“Firefighters kept the fire from reaching several heads of cattle and nearby residential structures, at times battling three-story high flame lengths,” according to CVFD.  Firefighters contained the fire to bales of hay and a nearby barn structure.  No injuries were reported as of yet. 

CVFD announced that they expected the fire to burn for three to five days because of the fuel arrangement that makes it difficult to put out compact hay bales fires.  “These fires are deep seated into the material and make it difficult to access and extinguish,” said CVFD.   

Photo Courtesy: CVFD

Firefighters worked hard to contain the fire and their priority was to protect the perimeter exposures.  CVFD issued a statement on Tuesday evening stating they were trying to allow the fuel to burn off until they can get heavy equipment to move in and break the bails apart.  “Once the bails are spread out, we can put water over them and extinguish the fire,” CVFD added.

On Tuesday evening, Pine Avenue was closed between West Preserve Loop and East Preserve Loop, according to the Chino Police Department.  CVFD also sent out advisories for local residents to avoid the smoke by staying indoors, closing all doors and windows, and avoid vigorous outdoor and indoor activity.  They also recommended that residents run their air conditioner, keep the fresh air intake closed, and clean the filter to prevent smoke from coming inside.  For more information on protecting yourself during a wildfire, visit South Coast AQMD’s Wildfire Smoke & Ash Health & Safety Tips page: