Facebook Groups Galore

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Staff Reports

Eastvale – Did you know Eastvale has a variety of Facebook Groups that you can be a part of?  Check out the list below to see if any groups interest you or your family.  However, remember to read each group’s guidelines before joining the group!

Eastvale Babysitters Club: a closed group of 744 members who are offering babysitting services in Eastvale. 

Eastvale Book Exchange: a closed group of 215 members that allows Eastvale residents to buy, sell, bid, and trade off books with one another. 

Eastvale Cares: a public group of 368 members who post about families in the area that may need help after a crisis or life situation.

Eastvale Classics: a public group of 164 members who love classic cars (1980 or earlier). 

Eastvale Crime Watch & Report: a closed group of 8.6k Eastvale members looking to raise crime awareness among the city.  The group members will post videos, pictures, or concerns about crime that is going on in Eastvale.  The group is identified as a giant neighborhood watch group that comes alongside law enforcement to help solve or prevent crimes quicker in Eastvale. 

Eastvale Drivers: a closed group of 773 members who share driving experiences they have encountered around Eastvale. 

Eastvale garage sale/sale/buy/trade/giveaway: a closed group of 7.5k members who want to sell items or post garage sales.  This group does not allow you to post about animals or business advertisements.

Eastvale Garden Group: there are two garden groups.  The first is “Eastvale Garden Group”, a closed group of 1.8k members who support growing the community, one garden at a time.  The second group is “Eastvale Community Gardens”, a closed group of 919 members who share tips, participate in period plant/harvest exchanges, and share local community events and workshops.  Both groups do not allow you to advertise businesses, sell items, or trade plants.

Eastvale Lost and Found Pets: a community group that posts about lost and found animals in Eastvale. 

Eastvale Rocks: a public group of 650 members that send you on a scavenger hunt for rocks.  The Ronald Reagan’s Student Council are painting rocks to “hide” around Eastvale and all of Riverside County to “spread joy and brighten people’s day,” according to the group page.  The group also encourages the community to paint their own rocks and hide them around town. 

Eastvale Small Businesses: a closed group of 572 members supporting Eastvale small businesses. 

Eastvale Still Eats: a group of 917 members that love food and want to know where to go to eat in the surrounding areas. 

Eastvale Talk: there are four groups that allow the Eastvale community to speak their mind about what’s happening in Eastvale.  The first is “Eastvale Talk” with 4.9k members, which is a secret group that you must be invited to.  The second is “Let’s Talk Eastvale” with 6.9k members; the third is “What’s going on in Eastvale?” with 1.8k members; and the fourth is “Eastvale Uncensored” with1.2k members.  The rest of the groups are closed groups and you must live in Eastvale to be a part of them.

Eastvale Walking Group: a private group of a 100+ community members who want to walk together around Eastvale.  The group uses Whatsapp to get updates “for those serious about walking on a regular basis,” according to the Facebook page.  They encourage members to join if they want to get in shape, meet new people, are willing to encourage others, and are have workout clothes and shoes. 

Eastvale X-Change: a closed group of 49.4k members who buy and sell items to other members in Eastvale.  There are restrictions to what you can buy and sell on this page, such as you cannot sell animals and baby formula, among other items.  

Eastvale Youth Sports: a closed group of 1.3k members who share photos, news, events, and express concerns for all youth sports leagues playing in Eastvale.  

Everything but the kitchen sink – Eastvale: A closed group with 12.5k members that allow you to buy, sell, and promote products.  You will not be approved to be in this group if you are under 18-years-old or if you live in Orange County, Los Angeles County, or areas of Riverside County (for distance/miles).