Traffic Codes During The Holidays

Staff Reports

Know your traffic violations during this upcoming holiday season to avoid getting a ticket. There are no exceptions except for emergency situations. If you violate these laws be prepared for a hefty fine.

Unattended Child in Vehicle: A parent, legal guardian, or other person responsible for a child who is 6 years of age or younger may not leave that child inside a motor vehicle without being subject to the supervision of a person who is 12 years of age or older. CVC 15620(a), 22516

Disabled Parking: Unless a vehicle displays a disabled license plate or placard, you may not park in parking spaces designated for the disabled by blue lines or signs, nor in the cross-hatched area adjacent to them. CVC 22507.8

No U-Turn Sign: It is unlawful for a driver of a vehicle to fail to obey a sign or signal. CVC 21461 (a)

No Parking Signs: You may not stop or park your vehicle, whether occupied or not, except while actually engaged in loading or unloading merchandise or passengers. CVC 463, 22505, 22506, 22507

Passing a Stopped School Bus: When approaching a school bus, from either direction, that is stopped for the loading or unloading of school children, and which displays a flashing red light signal and stop signal arm, you must immediately stop and shall not proceed until the flashing red light and stop arm cease operation. CVC 22454 (a)

U-Turn in Residential District: You shall not make a U-Turn in a residential district when any other vehicle is approaching from either direction within 200 feet, except at an intersection when the approaching vehicle is controlled by an official traffic control device. CVC 22103

Impeding Traffic: You may not drive your vehicle upon a highway at a slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic. Please do not unload your children from the traffic lane and allow them to walk between vehicles in motion . CVC 22400 (a)

Double Parking / Unlawful Curb Parking: You may not park on the street adjacent to another parked vehicle. Vehicles parked must be within 18” from the curb. CVC 22500 (h) , CVC 22502

(a) Red Curbs: No Stopping, standing, or parking, whether the vehicle is attended or unattended. CVC 21458 (a) (1)