Here We Grow Again

Staff Reports

Eastvale – Eastvale continues to grow with ground breakings and road changes.  Below is a recap of how Eastvale has grown in the last month.   

This week, a reminder was announced to be aware of paving activities that are expected to take place westbound on Schleisman Road between Harrison Avenue and Archibald Avenue. The construction will be conducted from Jan. 20 to Feb. 3, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. Intermittent lane closures will take place westbound Schleisman Road with at least one lane open at all times. Noise levels will also be monitored to ensure work performed is within the necessary compliance levels.

Traffic delays are to be expected so please plan accordingly by taking alternate routes and allowing more time for travel. An advisory was also issued to obey all posted construction signs, drive safely and do not enter the construction work zone.

However, the City of Eastvale stated that construction schedules are subject to change for various reasons including but not limited to: weather conditions, unforeseen emergencies and other acts of nature.

Construction occurred several times in Eastvale during the month of January.  On Wednesday, January 8, the traffic signal at Citrus St. and Granja Vista Del Rio Dr. was modified.  These revisions took place in an effort to improve traffic flow and enhance safety for drivers and pedestrians. The City of Eastvale announced that the revisions included the following:

  • A dedicated right turn lane with a green arrow when driving out of the Eleanor Roosevelt High School (ERHS) parking lot.
  • A longer protected green light, allowing drivers to make secured left turns into ERHS from Citrus St.
  • Eliminated the ability to enter the high school through the Estancia neighborhood on Granja Vista Del Rio Dr.
  • The crosswalk across Citrus St. on the west side of the intersection has been removed. Pedestrians can only access the crosswalk from the east side of the intersection on Granja Vista Del Rio Dr.

The City of Eastvale encourages commuters to drive with caution and be patient as residents become familiar with the new signal.

Another new traffic signal was installed at Scholar Way and 68th Street on Jan. 1. This signal includes a flashing yellow arrow to assist with left turns.

The City of Eastvale issued an announcement to remember the following rules when approaching the signal:

  • Solid Red: Drivers may not turn
  • Solid Yellow: Drivers are cautioned, the light is about to change, drivers must prepare to stop or complete the left turn
  • Flashing Yellow: Drivers may turn but must yield to pedestrians and oncoming traffic
  • Solid Green: Drivers may turn.

For additional information regarding traffic signals, contact the City of Eastvale Public Works Department at 951.703.4470.

In addition, on Dec. 12, the City of Eastvale announced that Sprouts Farmers Market has recently broken ground in Eastvale. This grocery store sells fresh, natural and organic products at affordable prices. Sprouts will be located at the future Merge Retail Center, on the northeast corner of Archibald Avenue and Limonite Avenue and is expected to open in the summer of 2020.  Also joining the Merge Retail Center are Dog Haus Biergarten, Pure Barre, and more!

Lastly, on Dec. 12, a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony took place at Staples, in celebration of their new Spotlight Space. This new space was created for workshops, seminars, meetings, and anything that promotes collaboration and learning.  Staples is located in The Eastvale Gateway Center located at 12495 Limonite Ave, Eastvale, CA 91752.

Courtesy: City of Eastvale
A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony took place at Staples, in celebration of their new Spotlight Space.