Here We Grow Again

Staff Reports

Eastvale – Even amongst a pandemic, Eastvale continues to grow.  Below is a recap of recent updates and new additions that have joined Eastvale.    

On July 3, the City of Eastvale announced that Fire Wings is coming soon to the Eastvale Gateway Food Court. Fire Wings will be located on the corner of Limonite and Hamner, where Pick Up Sticks used to be located. Fire Wings will offer over 20 wing flavors, beer on tap, a Pepsi Spire machine and a variety of sides. The Grand Opening date has not been announced yet.

On June 30, the city announced the success of the Automated License Plate Read (ALPR) systems that were installed last year. “ALPR systems are high-speed, computer-controlled cameras that automatically capture vehicles’ license plate information, compare the plate number to one or more databases available to law enforcement personnel, and send alerts when a vehicle of interest has been observed,” stated the City.

The City installed 30 fixed ALPR systems (located on entry and exit points of the city) that have “scanned over 32 million license plates, with approximately 14 thousand successful alerts. The mobile ALPR systems, installed on law enforcement vehicles servicing Eastvale, have scanned over 450 thousand license plates, with approximately 260 successful alerts. These combined alerts have led to the recovery of 43 stolen vehicles and 13 arrests for charges including the possession of a stolen vehicle. The data retrieved from these ALPR systems have also been used as evidence to assist in a large number of investigations that led to numerous arrests,” stated the City.

Photo courtesy: City of Eastvale

On June 24 at the City Council Meeting, the City of Eastvale introduced our new CalFire Battalion Chief, Josh Janssen. “Chief Janssen served as the Riverside Training & Safety Chief in 2015, where he was responsible for overseeing the Unit’s Training & Safety Programs,” according to the City. “In 2017 he transferred to the BDU Training Chief position where he served for two years. He then transferred to the City of Highland Battalion Chief position for the remainder of his service before joining our community.”

On June 16 at the City Council Meeting, the City of Eastvale introduced our new Police Chief, Lieutenant Marc Boydd and our new Accounting Manager, Luis Hernandez.

On June 11, the City of Eastvale shared that the City will be updating their City’s General Plan. This plan “articulates the community vision and strategy through a series of eight required ‘elements’ or chapters which include: Land use, Circulation, Housing, Conservation, Open Space, Noise, Environmental Justice, and Safety,” according to the City. Visit to see the Eastvale 2040 “shorts” that discuss these elements.