Don’t Cry When I’m Gone

By Michael Armijo (2001)

I’ve left this earth and you’re still here crying. Well, don’t cry now that I’m gone. You see, I’m free.  Free of the responsibilities that came with life.  I can’t hear anymore; I can’t see what you see.   I’m a pure and flowing spirit that will roam and feel the energy of life. When I shed my body I shed the tears, the pain and the torment that came with it.  I waited all my life to feel what I’m feeling now.  I waited what felt like an eternity.  I lived a good life on earth, so now I will lead a good life in my next step.  Just as I was taken from the womb of my mother and lived that life completely, I am now taken from this life to live yet another.

I am happy, as each life gets easier, stronger, better. I no longer know pain, so when you are in it, I cannot see you.  I only know love, so when you follow it, I will watch you shine.  Just as I do not remember my life in my mother’s womb, I do not remember the life I had on earth.  All I know is that I am truly happy now.   My world now is the world that I’ve built in my heart while on Earth.   My world is the one I had always hoped for.  It is beautiful.   It is wonderful.   It is mine.  But I must tell you, enjoy your life as I am now enjoying mine.  It’ll go quicker than you can ever imagine, it travels faster than you’ll ever believe.  One day you will look up and your life will be over.  Enjoy today completely and contently as tomorrow may never come.   Tomorrow never came for me.

So please don’t cry when I’m gone, be happy for me as I was always happy for you.  And please remember to live life with compassion and character, hope and pride, and love and peace, because the love you’ve embedded in your heart today is the love you’ll hold onto forever.

In Loving Memory of Michael Anthony Armijo 1/20/1964- 10/22/2020