Downtown Eastvale Breaks Ground

Courtesy: City of Eastvale; The Eastvale City Council at the Downtown Eastvale Groundbreaking Ceremony on March 9th.

Staff Reports

Eastvale – On March 9, the City of Eastvale hosted their official Downtown Eastvale Groundbreaking Ceremony. The City Council, Eastvale Chamber, city officials and city residents gathered together to celebrate.

The City posted on their social media stating, “At the top of the Downtown Eastvale website it says ‘Honoring Yesterday. Embracing Today. Looking Forward to Tomorrow. Thriving Together.’ One day we’ll walk around downtown and marvel at the way it honors our past and represents our future. It will perfectly capture this community. We’re always working, always growing, always thriving together! Thank you to everyone who joined us today for our groundbreaking ceremony!”

Downtown Eastvale is expected to be located between Hamner Avenue, Limonite Avenue, Scholar Way, and 58th Street. It will include commercial office space, civic and public services, a range of residential offerings, as well as recreational and entertainment opportunities.  The design is outlined in four pillars: Pillar 1 Magical Destination, Pillar 2 Energy & Vitality, Pillar 3 Pedestrian Primary, and Pillar 4 Economic Engine.

The City issued a news release in Sept. 2022 stating that the Leal Ranch Property closed escrow and is now owned by The New Home Company. The Leal Ranch Property was renamed to Phase 1 of Downtown Eastvale.

Phase I of Downtown Eastvale will include a “Library, City Hall, Police Station, 3rd Fire Station, amphitheater, up to 495,000 of the 595,000 square feet of retail/commercial space, up to 802 homes, and parks,” according to the City.

In 2022, the City Council “approved a Development Agreement between the City of Eastvale and The New Home Company for a 20-year term,” stated a City news release. “With the development agreement, 495,000 square feet of the retail/commercial space will be City controlled and operated.” Businesses interested in leasing opportunities are asked to email

“The Downtown Eastvale Community desires to build a place that THRIVES in the Inland Empire while maintaining our historic charm,” stated the Downtown Eastvale website. “We are committed to the growth and prosperity of the City of Eastvale. By bringing together a magical destination for our residents and guests, Downtown Eastvale will also serve an economic catalyst for the community by welcoming new businesses and employment opportunities for our community.”

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