New Catalytic Converter Ordinance

Staff Reports

Eastvale – At the last City Council Meeting on April 12, the City Council introduced a Catalytic Converter Unlawful Possession Ordinance.

This ordinance was created to combat the catalytic converter theft that is happening across cities in California. The new ordinance “requires anyone who is not a licensed recycler found in possession of a catalytic converter to provide proof of ownership to law enforcement,” stated a City news release.

“As a City, we are taking a firm stance against crime and catalytic converter theft and want our policies and practices to reflect that,” stated a news release.

“It is important for the City Council to support the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in their fight against catalytic converter theft” said Mayor Todd Rigby. “Providing an additional tool like this helps them combat and prosecute these crimes and I’m glad we’re introducing the ordinance.”

The Catalytic Converter Unlawful Possession Ordinance will officially go into effect May 26, 2023.