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Pacheco and Su Win Walnut City Election


Walnut- The results are in and Bob Pacheco and Mary Su beat challenger Betty Tang in one of the worst elections in Walnut History.

“We won, the people of Walnut have decided to bring us back to continue the great things we’ve accomplished here in Walnut.” Said Councilman Bob Pacheco at the victory party.
The line challenger, Betty Tang, raised almost $100,000 to beat the incumbents but fell hundreds of votes short.

“Nine hit pieces against me, NINE,” said winner Mary Su. “This is far too many and in our wonderful city. We are happy to defeat such an ugly campaign.”
Results are posted on the city of Walnut website.


Walnut: Allegations of Yard Sign Theft Continue

By Raymond Mendoza

Walnut – As Walnut’s April 8 municipal election approaches, allegations of campaign sign thefts among Council Member Mary Su, Council Member Bob Pacheco and candidate Betty Tang have escalated to the level of formal complaints filed with the Walnut-Diamond Bar Sheriff’s Station, as well as public statements by campaign members.

According to De’Andre Valencia, Mary Su’s campaign manager, an official theft complaint was filed with the Sheriff’s Department on Saturday, March 22, after an anonymous source called Su’s office to say he was driving behind two individuals traveling in a grey/silver Volkswagen Jetta, who were stopping along the road to allegedly steal Su’s campaign signs.

“We filed a police report and we’re leaving it at that,” Valencia said. “We’re just hoping Tang’s workers stop being ridiculous. We’re focusing on the campaign right now and not letting these thefts distract us.”

Captain Jeff Scroggin of the Walnut-Diamond Bar Sheriff’s Station said no arrests have been made, but the responding Deputy did discover six of Mary Su’s campaign signs in a dumpster immediately behind Tang’s campaign office located on Valley Boulevard.  However, Scroggin said there was insufficient evidence linking the thefts to Tang’s campaign crew to make an arrest.

Samuel Liu, Tang’s campaign manager, said he was fed up with the allegations of stolen signs and that Su’s campaign crew is attempting to lead citizens away from the politics of the campaign and instead focusing on campaign tactics to distract Walnut residents.

“We don’t know anything about missing yard signs and we have our own police reports we filed for missing signs,” Liu said. “When we filed our police report, which was for a hundred yard signs, they [the Walnut-Diamond Bar Sheriff’s Station] never followed up. Then when some of Mary Su’s yard signs go missing, a Deputy Sheriff comes to our office, and so we feel like some candidates are getting favoritism.”

Liu said Tang’s campaign also filed a report on Sunday, March 23 for more missing signs, the day after Su’s complaint was filed.  Liu did not explain how Mary Su’s yard signs ended up in the dumpster immediately behind Tang’s campaign office.

Meanwhile, at Wednesday evening’s City Council meeting, several Walnut citizens showed up to complain about individuals trespassing on their property to place Tang campaign signs on their lawn without permission (see this story at www.anapr.com).

The Walnut election will be held on Tuesday, April 8.

Walnut: Tang A No Show At Candidates’ Forum for City Council

Bob Pacheco and Mary Su participated in a candidates’ forum

Walnut City Council candidates Bob Pacheco and Mary Su participated in a candidates’ forum this week, but third candidate, Betty Tang, did not show up.


Walnut – In preparation for Walnut’s general municipal election on April 8, City Council members Bob Pacheco and Mary Su participated in a candidates’ forum on Feb. 24 at the Walnut Senior Center that was organized by the League of Women Voters of East San Gabriel Valley for the purpose of helping Walnut voters ask questions of their City Council candidates.

Betty Tang, the third Council candidate invited by the League to participate in the candidates’ forum, did not show up for the candidates forum, did not send a representative in her place, and did not present written comments for the audience. When the Weekly News Editor in Chief, Michael Armijo, left a message for Tang at her campaign office requesting an explanation for her failure to attend the candidate’s forum, Tang failed to return the call. He then left a public message on her website, but there was no response as of press time. Tang’s campaign manager, Samuel Lee, claimed that Tang “had another appointment that evening”, but refused to say what that appointment was.

During the candidates’ forum, Pacheco said in his opening statement that his main focus for his next possible term would be to increase tax revenue to the city, bring in more businesses, and adding an additional volunteer sheriff to the Walnut/Diamond Bar Sheriff Station.

During the event, Pacheco said he plans on creating a city swimming pool and an amphitheater for outdoor arts performances that would make Walnut a destination for performing arts.
Su, who served as Walnut’s Mayor in 2009 and 2012-2013, said her priorities were preserving Walnut’s rural atmosphere, maintaining the city’s low crime rate, and retaining and attracting high-quality businesses.

One of the first questions of the evening concerned filling vacant storefronts in the City, notably the former Albertsons building at the corner of Nogales Street and Amar Road. Both candidates said they were already taking steps to fill the vacancy.

Su said she had tried to bring a Trader Joe’s Market to Walnut while she was Mayor because she enjoys its products. However, Trader Joe’s informed her at that time that the population of Walnut was not considered to be large enough to fulfill the requirements of the supermarket chain.
Su said she has been actively working with the property manager of the former Albertsons store to attract a suitable business to fill the vacancy.

Pacheco mentioned his recommendations to bring a 99 Ranch Market, Walmart or Northgate Market to the former Albertsons lot. “(City Council members) have to be proactive in how we go out to look for these markets,” Pacheco said. “So I’ve actually taken it upon myself to make special calls (to businesses) to welcome them to the city. I spoke to the owners and representatives of 99 Ranch Market … and they’re a good market.”

When asked about their views on the city’s budget, Pacheco said that Walnut has maintained a balanced City budget by adopting a cautious spending plan that stayed away from high cost and high risk projects. He also said that he would push for more property development since property taxes were essential to maintaining the city’s revenue growth and ability to pay for the City’s outstanding public services.
Su said that eliminating some city jobs, such as Assistant City Manager, had allowed the City to have a financial surplus for the past two years, and she estimated that Walnut might have as much as a $600,000 surplus at the end of the current fiscal year.

While most attendees of the forum appeared to be satisfied with Su’s and Pacheco’s answers, several Walnut residents were left questioning Tang’s chances of being elected to the Council when she ignored such an important chance to talk to Walnut citizens about her plans for the City.
“To be honest, I was very disappointed that Betty Tang did not come,” Walnut resident Karen Breitkreutz said. “Because she’s the one candidate that we’re not familiar with and because she’s never been on the City Council.”

Breitkreutz also said that she had thought she might vote for Tang, but after Tang’s failure to appear at the candidate’s forum, she was more likely to re-elect Su and Pacheco.
Joe Hahn, Walnut resident and former City Mayor, also said that he had been looking forward to learning more about Tang at the forum, since he was uncertain about her views on the issues Walnut is facing, but he was also disappointed that Tang did not choose to show up.

Walnut residents will have the opportunity to vote for the two available City Council positions on Tuesday, April 8.

Walnut: Election Season Kicks Off For Walnut

Walnut City Council Members Mary Su and Bob Pacheco

Council members Mary Su and Bob Pacheco held their campaign kick-off last week. (Photo By: Ariel Carmona Jr.)


Walnut – Three candidates filed their nomination papers for the Walnut City Council election, set for April 8. The three candidates include current Council Members Mary Su and Bob Pacheco, along with a new candidate, Betty Tang. The election season kicked off on Saturday, Jan. 11, when incumbents Mary Su and former assemblyman, Bob Pacheco, held their re-election campaign at their Lemon Creek Village shopping campaign headquarters.

A number of elected federal, state and local officials and other dignitaries were in attendance to support the pair of candidates seeking to retain their seats on the Council. Among those were U.S. Rep. Judy Chu, D-Monterey Park; U.S. Rep. Ed Royce, R-Fullerto; State Assemblyman Curt Hagman; and former U.S Treasurer, Rosario Marin. Also in attendance were Walnut Mayor, Tony Cartagena; Diamond Bar Mayor, Carol Herrera; Diamond Bar Mayor Pro-Tem, Steve Tye; and a majority of the members of the Walnut Valley School Board, the Walnut Valley Water Board and the Mt. SAC Board of Trustees.

“Mary is really a great person for this community,” said Congresswoman Chu. She added that Su’s dedication to the City goes back to when she founded the Chinese-American Parents Association for the Walnut Unified School District and continued through her days as President of the city’s Chinese-American Association. “This is a person who more than deserves being re-elected to the Walnut City Council. I think we are really lucky to have her.”

Marin said she has known Pacheco almost 20 years, and she has supported him at various positions throughout his political career.

Walnut Council Member Bob Pacheco

U.S. Representative, Ed Royce, talked about how much he supported Bob Pacheco (shown above) and Mary Su. (Photo By: Ariel Carmona Jr.)

“I am here because we want government that works. We yearn for government that really fulfills our needs. We are here for that government that supports our families and keeps them safe, and I am here to support Bob because I know he is an honest man, he’s trustworthy, and he takes his job very seriously. Everywhere he’s been he has done an excellent job,” said the former U.S. Treasurer.
“I know the citizens of Walnut have benefited from his experience, from his knowledge and his commitment. And I am here to support Mary Su because Mary has also been a magnificent public servant, and that’s all we want, we want public servants to do their best for our families,” said Marin.
Congressman Royce said he was very impressed with the work of the Walnut City Council. “There’s a lot of talent in this room, people who’ve served on the City Council for years, but think about some of the things that they did, particularly with Mary Su.”
“Mary Su used to be the Chairperson of the Parks and Recreation Commission and in that capacity she had a certain vision, as did Bob Pacheco who was on the council at that time. They had a vision of having a rural environment here in the middle of Southern California where they would preserve those walking trails, preserve those riding trails and keep that atmosphere alive, and when things came up like those radio towers, they made sure they didn’t go up.”
Royce praised Su for her involvement with the Chinese-American Parents Association and for her efforts to strengthen the council’s relationship with Mt. SAC and the local school district. Royce also pointed out that Walnut has won award after award, including best schools, most livable city, and one of the safest cities to live in California, which Royce said was because of the City’s work with local law enforcement.

Su thanked all of the elected officials and other dignitaries in attendance for their support and friendship. “For many years we have had over 100 percent reserves in our budget. We didn’t cut a single service, we didn’t increase any taxes, and there are so many other things we accomplished, I just can’t name them all,” said an emotional Su, “Overall my heart is with the city of Walnut, I belong to Walnut, Walnut is my child, Walnut is everything to me, that’s why I am devoted to Walnut.”

Su enumerated a number of benefits that the city has seen since she assumed a seat in the Council including expansion of Grand and Temple Avenues, the restoration of City fireworks, collaborations with the local school districts, free services for seniors and many other projects.
“I will keep my promise again. No tax increases, continue to maintain high the quality life in Walnut, maintain high education in the City of Walnut, work together with Congress, the State Assembly and Los Angeles County to bring more resources to Walnut, to work together with each one of you, to listen to your opinion, your suggestions, your ideas to improve Walnut,” said Su.
“Bob’s been serving this community for 40 years. You have a man with experience, from state level, from his contacts, from the national level. You’re a very lucky city,” said Assemblyman Hagman.

Pacheco told the assembled crowd of supporters and residents, “My family grew up here, my daughter was born when we first moved into Walnut, and since that time I’ve been involved. I need your help again to make sure I get reelected and make sure I can continue the work I have started. The most important thing I see for this city is making sure that we get along and that we unite our resources so that we work together toward the proper ends.”

Sarah Armijo contributed to this story.