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Pacheco and Su Win Walnut City Election


Walnut- The results are in and Bob Pacheco and Mary Su beat challenger Betty Tang in one of the worst elections in Walnut History.

“We won, the people of Walnut have decided to bring us back to continue the great things we’ve accomplished here in Walnut.” Said Councilman Bob Pacheco at the victory party.
The line challenger, Betty Tang, raised almost $100,000 to beat the incumbents but fell hundreds of votes short.

“Nine hit pieces against me, NINE,” said winner Mary Su. “This is far too many and in our wonderful city. We are happy to defeat such an ugly campaign.”
Results are posted on the city of Walnut website.


The WVUSD Chinese American Parents Association will Host Annual Christmas Party

The Walnut Valley Unified School District’s Chinese American Parents Association (WVUSD-CAPA) will host its annual Christmas Party celebration for Walnut Seniors this coming Tuesday, December 17.

Walnut Council Member and WVUSD-CAPA Chairperson Mary Su said, “It is my honor and privilege to host this important event for Walnut’s Seniors again this year.  Every year we invite 50 to 60 kindergarten students to perform Christmas songs, which of course our Seniors always love, and every Walnut Senior who attends also receives a bag of handsome Christmas gifts from WVUSD-CAPA.”

This year’s Christmas Party for Walnut’s Seniors will begin at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, December 17th at the Walnut Senior Citizens Center, 21215 La Puente Road, Walnut. This year Los Angeles County Fire Fighters will also be joining with Walnut’s Seniors for this wonderful holiday celebration.