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Woman rescued at CH State Park

Staff Reports rescue-print

Chino Hills- On September 3 at Chino Hills State Park, 56 year-old resident of Yorba Linda, Mary Glaser was hiking a trail at the Chino Hills State Park where she had slipped and fell.

The California State Park Rangers responded to the incident and requested the assistance of the Sheriff’s Aviation Unit. Glaser slipped and fell, with non-life threatening injuries; however she was not able to hike back out of the area on her own.

The Sheriff’s Air Rescue 06 performed a hoist rescue after the Sheriff’s 40King1 was the first one to respond and finding Glaser in a steep narrow ravine. Deputy Dave Cruz was able to hike down to her after the crew landed on a ridge above her location.

Also on the crew, Chief Corporal Mike Ellis helped in lowering Air Medic Bernie Horak down to the ground about 80 feet down. According to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, “Glaser was flown to Chino Hills Dog Park and transferred to a ground ambulance for treatment of her injuries.”

Thanks to the following crew and rescue members:

40King1 crew:

Pilot: Deputy John Roberg

Flight Officer: Deputy Dave Cruz

Air Rescue 06 crew:

Pilot: Corporal Jon Anderson

Crew Chief: Corporal Mike Ells

Air Medic: Bernie Horak

Air Medic: Jim Fagelson