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Eastvale: Neighborhood Preservation Standards – Did You Know?

Did you know that the City Municipal Code Sec. 120.05.080.(c)(7) – Neighborhood Preservation Standards – Temporary exterior display and holiday display provides enforceable guidelines:

a. Any temporary exterior display or holiday display shall not physically impede vehicular or pedestrian traffic on any street, sidewalk or right-of-way;

b. Any temporary exterior display or holiday display shall be allowed for a period not to exceed 45 consecutive days.

Holiday Safety Reminders

Southern California Edison reminds its customers to stay safe around electricity this holiday season. Residents are encouraged not to attach holiday lights to Edison equipment, including street lights and utility poles, since this poses a potential safety and fire hazard for the residents and Edison crews. Here are a few safety reminders as you begin preparing for the holiday season:

•       DO NOT attach decorations, lights and/or ornaments to any Southern California Edison equipment or street lights.

•       Do not use decorative lighting with frayed cords and wires, broken fuses or broken light bulbs.

•       Do not use staples, nails or tacks to hang electrical cords. These can pierce the protective insulation.

•       Use only Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved lighting and extension cords.

•       Plug no more than three strands of lights into each electrical cord/outlet.

•       Ensure live trees are well watered, and keep electric cords away from tree stands with water pans.

•       Never use lighted candles on or near holiday trees or decorations.

•       Remember to unplug decorative lights when you leave home and before going to bed.   NOTE: See also “Safe Use of Power Cords” at http://www.sce.com

•       Safely remove and store your holiday lighting and electrical decorations.

•       Unplug all decorations, lights and extension cords before taking them down. Plugged in items are still energized and can be dangerous.

•       Don’t tug on electrical cords – this may tear the insulation and expose wires.

•       Do not approach or touch overhead power lines and avoid service drops (pole-to-house connections) when removing decorations – keeping ladders, long-handed tools and dangling light strands in mind too.

•       Follow the manufacturer and your city’s directions for safely disposing of worn or broken lights and decorations.

For more information about the Neighborhood Preservation Standards, please visit the Municipal Code page on the City’s website: http://www.eastvaleca.gov/index.aspx?page=170

If you have additional Code Enforcement questions, please feel free to call the Code Enforcement Department at City Hall at (951) 361-2888 or email Code_Complaint@eastvaleca.gov.