Wireless Tips for Boomers

By StatePoint There are currently more than 93 million Americans in the U.S. over age 55, according to Census data, and the vast majority (74 percent) of them have a smartphone. And that number keeps growing. In addition, Baby Boomers spend an average of 149 minutes a day on their smartphones — about as much […]

Steps to Save Energy in Your Home

By StatePoint Reducing your energy use at home is a win-win for your wallet and the planet. Not only can it save you money on your bills now, but it could also improve your home’s resale value, if you know which steps to take. These simple tips can help.   Form Smart Habits Energy smart […]

What You Should Know Before Buying or Leasing a Vehicle this Fall

By StatePoint Fall is a popular time to purchase a new vehicle, with new models hitting dealer lots, and significant savings on current model year cars and trucks. Whether this is your first purchase or you’ve done this before, there are more choices than ever when it comes to makes and models of vehicles, and […]

How to Get Your Family Interested in Art and Music

By StatePoint   When school budgets suffer, often so do arts and music programs. Families can make up for scaled back opportunities in the classroom by bringing both music and art into the home.   Art Corner Create a little art studio in your house with a few key supplies. Drawing pencils, sketchbooks and watercolors […]

5 Easy Ways Families Can Go Green When Packing School Lunches

By StatePoint While packing lunch for the kids can seem like a daily grind, you can use the task as an opportunity to help kids form great lifelong habits. Here are five small ways changing your lunch-making routine can have large, positive impacts on the environment, your wallet and your kids’ health. Pack with reusables. […]

Back-to-School Organization Tips for Busy Families

By StatePoint   The new school year brings hectic mornings, piles of homework, endless events, practices, games and school conferences. When you’re a busy parent, day-to-day tasks can consume your thoughts and energy. Stay organized and sane by following these simple tips to handle the crush of the school year. Centralize Communication Communication is key […]

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Dental Health is Important for Children’s ‘Baby Teeth’  By StatePoint Parents and caregivers may be underestimating the importance of dental care for children’s “baby teeth.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 63 percent of children ages two to four see the dentist at least annually. Most dental benefits cover preventive care […]

5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Car Dealership

By StatePoint When looking for their next set of wheels, car shoppers have choices that extend beyond the vehicle. The buying experience should meet their needs and wants, too. “Shoppers should consider buying from an independent dealer, which can open up a world of additional options,” says Marcus Dame, senior director, Product Management at Autotrader. […]

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Time- and Budget- Stretching Tips for the Self-Employed   By StatePoint  The ability to stretch a budget can help businesses or those who are self-employed weather lean times and flourish in good periods, and being efficient with time can mean surviving a busy season with your sanity intact. But these principles can be hard to uphold. […]

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Five Morning Tips to Prepare for the Day By StatePoint Are most of your mornings spent running out the door with breakfast in-hand, and applying your makeup on-the-go? It’s easy to snooze, and rush all the way to work – but building a routine that gives you a calm and efficient morning can make you […]

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5 Quick Scientific Facts that Will Blow Your mind By Zmescience.com Why aren’t there that many people into science? Personally, I believe it has something to do with how it’s being communicated and, not least, how it’s being taught in school. Raw science and data do not drive people – fun, emotional and persuasive narratives do. […]

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8 Tips If Your Child Refuses To Eat  By healthyfoodhouse.com Every mother knows that for proper growth and development of her child needs healthy and versatile food. But after some unwritten rule that what is healthy and beneficial for a young child knows to be repulsive and distasteful…. Usually when your kid(s) refuses to eat […]

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Tips to Save and Spend Wisely in 2017  By StatePoint Did you get carried away with the holiday spirit this past season? On the heels of hefty spending, the New Year is the best time to take stock of personal finance habits and make beneficial changes for the year ahead. Here are some useful tips […]

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Healthy New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Your Immunity  By StatePoint This New Year, one important resolution is to focus on supporting a strong immune system for a happy and healthy 2017. “Building a strong immune system can improve and even extend your life,” says Larry Robinson, PhD, and vice president of Scientific Affairs, Embria Health […]

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Holiday Travel Made Easy: Is Your Tech Ready?  By StatePoint As families prepare for the holiday season, they also prepare to make big family trips, so make sure not to leave home without the proper tech reinforcements this year! These tips will ensure you can savor the sweet moments and avoid potential hiccups! Drive smarter. […]

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Infuse Your Holiday Traditions with a Touch of Sweetness  By StatePoint As the holidays approach, you’re probably starting to think about ways to make the season a little bit sweeter for friends and family. After all, it’s the perfect time of year to indulge your sweet tooth. Here are some fun, festive and tasty ideas […]

Getting Back to Basics: The Lost Art of Writing Things Down

By StatePoint In this digital age, you may go days without using a pen and paper, but there are many reasons to skip the devices and stick to writing things down. From staying organized to planning your week to tracking career growth, here are a few things to take note of when it comes to […]

Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy and Happy this Winter

By StatePoint   With colder weather comes an increase in weather-related illness and health issues. From activity levels to mood, diet and more, seasonal weather affects all areas of your life. But, don’t let the winter blues get you down — follow these tips to help keep your family healthy and happy during the cold-weather […]

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5 Tips for Good Gut Health During the Holidays By StatePoint The holiday season can be one of the most stressful times of the year and you may have noticed you’re more prone to colds and upset stomach when you’re stressed. Stress tends to slow the digestive process. What’s more, 70 percent of the immune […]

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Three Ways to Smooth Up Your Fall By Statepoint Fall can be full of stress between social engagements, work outings, and the frenzy of the school year. Here are some ways to navigate the season with confidence and style. Smooth Style Combat those final warm days by adding linen to your life, which will help […]