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Eastvale: Chairman Of The Board’s Message April 2014

By Joel Seigler


Joel Seigler Eastvale Chamber of Commerce President

Joel Seigler, Eastvale Chamber of Commerce Chairman. Photo Courtesy: Eastvale Chamber of Commerce

Eastvale – The Chamber of Commerce appreciates the City of Eastvale in all the help we received in getting the State of the City event to the forefront of the community. We are excited about this event and all the information it provided to the community.  We are proud of partnering with the City and the generous business sponsors that made the event a success.


The Chamber is the voice of businesses in Eastvale and as such we have been printing and distributing the Eastvale Directory as part of a supplement to the Eastvale Community News. We intend to continue this as a semi-annual supplement and will start a trial edition of a new coupon book that will be coming out soon.  We hope that this coupon book will encourage you all to try out our local businesses and give them a chance to earn your business before you shop elsewhere. The main source of revenue for the City of Eastvale comes from sales tax and the more you SHOP EASTVALE the more that money stays in Eastvale.


This City is growing with more businesses opening up in our town and they are eager to earn your support.  In addition, please make sure to come out and take advantage of the networking and business opportunities at our events.


Eastvale: Chamber Of Commerce Events and Plans


Recently, I met a resident who invited me to a movie at a Chino Hills theatre. I asked why go over there and not here in the city. They said: “The popcorn over there is better.”
At first I thought it was kind of strange, but then I remembered why I go to get ice cream in Eastvale instead of Chino by my work. It’s the ice cream cones. In Chino they crumble easier, so I wait until I come into the city where they don’t crumble easily in my hand.
What’s interesting to me is that at times, we don’t realize what makes our company better, even the little things like popcorn and ice cream cones. These items aren’t supposed to be the draw to a movie or the reason you eat a certain brand of ice cream, they are the little things. But the little things can mean big money if people decide not to use your services for a minor detail. Those pennies we save in the short run could be costing us thousands in the long run. My advice? Don’t skimp. Take pride and provide quality throughout. People will recognize this and word will spread.
In the month of January, we had TWO events: First, we had “Good Morning Eastvale” on Thurs. Jan. 9, from 7 – 8:30 a.m. at Corky’s Kitchen and Bakery. $15 for Members/ $20 for Non-Members. How else are you going to make more money and gain a stronger business presence? Let your Chamber membership work for you!
Next: After Hours Mixer, Tues. Jan. 16 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at Definitions Salon & Spa, 2395 Hamner Avenue, Norco, (Hamner/3rd street), $5 for Members and Non Members.
Finally we are happy to announce a few events we are planning for the upcoming year: Our Chamber Board Installation Dinner will be in early February and we are searching venues now. We are planning our Farmers Market with the help of our Mayor Ike Bootsma and Bill Van Leeuwen scheduled for late March; The Mayor’s State of the City in April, and our MEGA MIXER in May. We’ll be announcing specific dates in February.
The Chamber is looking for Ambassadors and Chamber Board members. If interested, please contact the Chamber at 951.768.6000.
It’s an exciting time for us at the Chamber with so many exciting changes on the horizon. Remember to attend mixers and events to get your name out there and to get your business marketed. And for more information, please sign onto: http://www.eastvalechamberofcommerce.org and http://www.facebook.com/eastvalechamberofcommerce.

Shop Eastvale This Holiday Season

Eastvale Chamber President Jorge RazoJorge Razo, President

Eastvale Chamber

It’s the end of the year and important family time, but you still need to pay attention to your business. Our networking breakfast and holiday mixer is approaching. So it’s important for business owners remember: START MARKETING TODAY!

Remember to Shop Eastvale and support your local city and chamber. We have partnered up with the City of Eastvale to remind our community to shop locally and keep those local dollars inside the city wherever possible.

Don’t forget to effectively market your business and prepare for the upcoming year. Here are a few tips to effectively market your business:

1. Cut out what’s not important.

Be as clear and efficient as possible. Watch verbosity, keep the words to a minimum. The customer probably doesn’t want to hear about the company’s history, so don’t explain it unless they ask for it. We are all trying to network and market to many people.

2. Explain things before you thoroughly. Use layman’s terms. Big words may impress but it wont always make the sale. Explain so people understand. Educate them.

3. When possible, use analogies.

Comparing a complicated scenario to a common problem is helpful.

4. Be funny.

Making people laugh relaxes them. They like emotions, and laughter is one of the best emotions.

We hope these tips help, and with this month’s events, which are open to all community members, Chamber members have the opportunity to begin marketing their businesses and services while spreading the word on what they do.

So please be sure to bring plenty of business cards, flyers, coupons, or samples of your products. Keep the conversation lean by giving each person you meet a 45 second commercial with literature to complete your presentation so you, and they, can market to other members at the event.

I hope to see many of you out there letting people know of the business products and services you provide, as the time is NOW to get out there and market. If people don’t know you exist, how can you provide your services and products to them? Shop Eastvale and remember that It’s YOUR community, the more you put into it, the more you’ll get back from it.

Get Connected! Shop Eastvale!

Eastvale City Manager

Carol Jacobs, Eastvale City Manager

City Manager

Let’s face it, we live in a digital age.  There are ever-growing ways to connect with people across the globe and snail mail is losing its glory and immediacy.  People want accurate, timely information sooner than later and through multiple means that meet their needs at any given moment in time.

Eastvale residents are predominately young and technologically savvy which means that City Hall needs to keep pace with the trends in communications that are utilized by our citizens.  Thankfully, Eastvale City Council and staff recognize the priority and the need to keep our citizens well-informed and engaged in the operations, news, events and more coming from City Hall.   We encourage all residents and visitors to register for e-notification on the City’s website to get the latest updates on community news, meetings, events and more at http://www.eastvaleca.gov.

It’s important to keep the doors of communications open, fresh and engaging at all times and that is why we keep raising the bar and meeting the latest trends in communication.  This past month, the city launched Instagram so that the city and our residents can tell the pictorial story of Eastvale.  Instagram is a free online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking platform that allows its users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services.   As the old adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Follow the City of Eastvale on Instagram: thecityofeastvaleca

At the same time, the City launched a LinkedIn profile which is a more business-oriented social media method for connecting with business and industry professionals.  If social media is more your speed, the City of Eastvale has plenty of ways to connect:

Instagram: http://instagram.com/#thecityofeastvaleca

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/city-of-eastvale-ca  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CityofEastvaleCA

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CityEastvaleCA Give a little Tweet @CityEastvaleCA

The City has also launched our Shop Eastvale program and website – just in time for holiday shopping!  The Shop Eastvale program is part of the City’s economic development initiative and represents, in part our commitment to the success and growth of the Eastvale business community.  It’s important to help the Eastvale businesses grow and thrive and we are honored to have the support and collaboration of the Eastvale Chamber of Commerce.  The excitement is not over yet!  In just a short time, we will also have a Shop Eastvale App to complement our new program and help our residents and business community stay connected to shopping in Eastvale.  This app will be available for Apple and Android users. For more information on our Shop Eastvale program, please visit: http://www.shopeastvaleca.com

Should you have any questions or comments, City Hall may be reached at Hall (951) 361-0900. City Hall office hours are Monday-Thursday from 7:30 am – 5:30 pm, closed every Friday.

Shop Eastvale!