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EASTVALE: Every Fifteen Minutes Educates Teens on Drunk Driving

ERHS presents "Every 15 Minutes" to teach students the dangers of Drunk Driving. Photos by: Emily Aguilar

ERHS presents “Every 15 Minutes” to teach students the dangers of Drunk Driving. Photos by: Emily Aguilar



EASTVALE –  Eleanor Roosevelt High School conducted the Every Fifteen Minute simulation on March 20 – 21 to educate students on the dangers of drunk driving. The program is conducted by selecting twenty-two students and their families to act out a simulation in which a few of them were killed in a car-related accident caused by someone being intoxicated. These students are then pulled out of their classrooms and homes for two days in order to make their “death” feel real to all involved.

On the first day, students were taken to Scholar Way to witness a “car crash”, equipped with law enforcement, actors, and a Grim Reaper who walked around the dead students to show the brutality of drunk driving. While watching the eerily real looking blood covering the bodies of their fellow classmates, some students were distraught by what they witnessed. “The events that are taking place today are fake, however, they happen so often, they feel real,” remarked Senior Alexis Castro.

The following day, students were taken to the gym where they attended the memorial service of their beloved classmates. A sense of vulnerability seemed to weigh upon the audience while they were subjected to a slideshow of the deceased students before their death as well as seeing their coffins surrounding a group of family members of the deceased. The mock-memorial service proved to soften the hearts of the audience when the ‘living dead’ students, their families, and a victim of drinking and driving tearfully read out their letters to the audience that described what they would tell the world if they had an opportunity to speak from the beyond.

Although emotional, the simulation made students take the challenge to not drink and drive and value their lives and the lives of others. When asked why he felt this simulation was necessary, the school’s principal, Mr. Goins stated that it “puts the thing we hear about into a form in which we can see and feel the tragedy.” The

ERHS to Host “EVERY 15 MINUTES” Program

Information Courtesy City of Eastvale

 Attention Residents:

Eleanor Roosevelt High School (ERHS) will be hosting the Every 15 Minutes Program on March 20th and 21st. This is a two day event that informs students of the dangers associated with drinking and driving. On March 20th, part of Scholar Way will be closed and a simulated drunk driving collision will be staged in front of our school between 9:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. All residents will still have access to their homes as well as our school. All emergency services from the area will be participating in this event including a helicopter from Mercy Air.

On March 21st, the second portion of this event will be hosted in the ERHS gymnasium. We are excited that we received a $10,000 grant from the California Highway Patrol in order to bring this program to our school. We are working closely with the city to communicate this event to local residents so that they can prepare for temporary road closure to Scholar Way.

There is always a balance of how you announce an event like this. You do not want to over communicate it early and you also want to make sure that local residents know what is happening. I appreciate your understanding with this.

This will be Eleanor Roosevelt’s second time hosting the Every 15 Minutes Program and we are looking forward to see what we can continue to do to make our end of year events as safe as possible for our students. We appreciate your support and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at 951-738-2100.

EVERY 15 MINUTES Program at Eleanor Roosevelt High School

Every 15 Minutes is a community-based program focusing on high school juniors and seniors challenging them to think about the dangers of drinking and driving, the importance of personal safety, the responsibility of making mature decisions, and the impact their decisions have on family, friends, and many others in the community.

Dates: March 20th and 21st from 11:10am-12:15pm both days.

Notice to the community: Road closure on Scholar Way on Thursday, March 20th, for a simulated collision. Blackboard Connect message will be sent home; Flyers will be posted.

This is a community-based program in which the community, as well as, the schools share the interest in educating high school students about the dangers of drinking and driving. As a result, the following local agencies are involved:

  • American      Medical Response 
  • California      Highway Patrol 
  • California      Office of Traffic Safety 
  • Cal      Fire, Riverside County 
  • City      of Eastvale 
  • Corona-Norco      Unified School District 
  • Eastvale      Police Department 
  • Mercy      Air 
  • Riverside      Sheriffs Department 
  • Riverside      Community Hospital 
  • Riverside      County Coroner’s Office

Participants: Twenty-one (21) students have been selected through an application process. These students will play the role of the living dead. They are representatives of the student body.

Funding: ERHS received a grant of $10,000 from the California Office of Traffic Safety and the California Highway Patrol.