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Eastvale: Here We Grow Again-REVISED

eastvale gatewayBY K.P. SANDER


Eastvale – Let’s take a drive through the grand city of Eastvale and see what is new and exciting as we continue to grow.

Start in the east part of the City near the I-15 Freeway, and pull into the Eastvale Gateway center at the northeast corner of Hamner and Limonite. Take a gander at the brand new Food Court sign stretching across the area by The Habit Burger Grill and Von’s market. The new signage really spruces the courtyard up, and alludes to some wonderful culinary possibilities (have you ever had the pastrami on sourdough at The Habit? I’d call it wonderful). Not quite a food choice, but new all the same is the Cellular Repair store, between the dentist and the forthcoming Tio’s Mexican Food. Since practically everyone on the planet has a cell phone, I’d say, “Well done, Gateway.” Speaking of Tio’s, word on the Eastvale News Facebook page is lots of positive anticipation and reports of really good food and service – okay, that was a few words, but excitement over delicious tacos cannot be contained to just one.

Staying in the same center, now drive over toward the movie theatre where you will find Pho Viet, a Vietnamese noodle house next door to Bamboo Thai. And then right between the theatre and Nestlé’s is the Snow Station. I had to know more, and found that their website asks a poignant question: “Have you ever wondered what freshly fallen snow would taste like if it were combined with your favorite flavors?” If it is macaroni and cheese, then no, I have never wondered about this. But if it is a “cold, light, fluffy, cotton candy melting cream that is rich and dreamy and will dazzle my taste buds and is a healthy, lactose-free and vegan friendly dessert option with flavors like strawberry, mango, passion fruit, green apple and raspberry,” then YES! Sounds like a great post-movie or beat-the-heat treat.

We are now going to head to the southwest part of the city, so exit Gateway onto Limonite, but before you do, take a look across the street at Gateway South and be amazed by the progress that the Eastvale San Antonio Medical Center has made. That building is up and the exterior is quite polished; it appears to be developing nicely toward the grand opening this fall.

As you pass the Starbucks on Limonite, set your GPS for “the other Starbucks,” and head toward the Marketplace at the Enclave, at the corner of Archibald and Schleisman. You know CVS and Jack-in-the-Box, and you might know that appearing in the not-too-distant future are Fantastic Sam’s, Mes Amies Hair and Nails, Foot Massage, Dentistry with Nihar Tanna DDS, Lee’s Noodle House and Juice It Up; but did you know we are getting a Great Harvest Bread Company? Oh, joy of joys! Not only do they bake amazing, whole-grain, healthy bread daily, but they make some seriously mean sandwiches. But come autumn (and according to Great Harvest themselves, a September Eastvale opening is a possibility) they bring out the big guns…a pumpkin swirl delight that can be transformed into a french toast that is a bucket list all by itself. Seriously, you make some of that at home and a ticker-tape parade will be held in your honor. Just sayin’; its pretty good stuff, if you like that kind of thing (OMG!). Oh, yeah, they’re pretty generous with their samples, too.

Now drive home, get your family, and go out and enjoy the new businesses in Eastvale!