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EASTVALE: Process For Filling Vacant Two-Year City Council Term

jeff degrandpre

Jeff DeGrandpre

Staff Reports


Eastvale – On July 9, members of the City Council voted to appoint the remaining two-year term left vacant with the resignation of Councilmember Jeff DeGrandpre. The schedule for the appointment process is outlined below:

  • Application Period: Any registered voter living within the City of Eastvale may download an Application for City Council Vacancy from the City’s website at www.eastvaleca.gov , or pick up an application packet from Eastvale City Hall beginning at noon on July 10, 2014. Applicants must submit a signed application as well as a completed Form 700 to Eastvale City Hall by noon on July 24, 2014. ALL APPLICATIONS WILL BE TIME-STAMPED WHEN RECEIVED – NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE CONSIDERED IF STAMPED AFTER 12 P.M. ON JULY 24, 2014
  • Special Meeting of the City Council: All applicants who have submitted complete applications by the 12:00 p.m. July 24 deadline will be interviewed at a Special Meeting of the City Council on Wed., Aug. 6. The Special Meeting will be held in the Multi-Purpose Room at Rosa Parks Elementary School, 13830 Whispering Hills Drive. Candidate names will be drawn at random. Each candidate will be allowed a two-minute statement, and then will be asked a set of pre-determined questions. Candidates waiting to be interviewed will be asked to remain in a separate room until their name is chosen, as to not give an unfair advantage. Once all candidates have been interviewed, members of the City Council will vote on the appointment. If a candidate is successfully chosen on Aug. 6, that candidate will be sworn in and seated as a member of City Council that night.
  • General Election, Nov. 4, 2014: If a candidate had previously filed nomination documents to run in the Nov. 4, 2014 General Election, and is appointed to fill the remaining two-year term for this current vacancy, the candidate will be required to withdraw their candidacy with the County of Riverside Registrar of Voters by Aug. 8, 2014 and will NOT be considered as a candidate in the November 4, 2014 General Election.
  • NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a General Municipal Election will be held in the City of Eastvale on Tues., Nov. 4, 2014 for three members of the City Council, each of said officers to serve a full four-year term. Prospective City Council candidates who wish to file papers for the November 2014 General Municipal Election must schedule an appointment with the City Clerk. The polls will be open for the election between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Tues., Nov. 4.

If you have any questions, please contact the City of Eastvale, City Clerk’s Office, at (951) 361-0900.


Eastvale: Councilman DeGrandpre Resigns in Controversy


jeff degrandpre

Jeff DeGrandpre

Eastvale – With accusations of shady behavior toward unnamed colleagues, councilmember Jeff DeGrandpre abruptly resigned from Eastvale’s City Council, effective July 1, 2014.

The June 25 council meeting progressed like any other, and then came to an awkward end when DeGrandpre stood to read a letter to the council and public expressing his discontent that the council was no longer about the residents of Eastvale. While he did not provide any examples or name names, he accused his colleagues of “engaging in back-door deals” and holding closed door meetings in direct violation of California’s open-meeting law; he then publically resigned his position.

DeGrandpre was first elected to the Eastvale City Council in 2010, serving as the first Mayor Pro Tem, and then as Mayor in 2011-2012.

The recent council meeting was not the first time that DeGrandpre has pointed the finger at his colleagues. In 2013 he accused fellow council member, Kelly Howell, of “abusing funds” during a conference held in Las Vegas that they attended on behalf of the City. Howell posted on a local Facebook page that there “was no need for an investigation – staff provided all financial documents to the City Council at the next meeting”. The request for an investigation was eventually dropped, but not without causing ripples in the City and council. According to Howell, “It was a very difficult time for me and my family”.

William Link, who was selected as a replacement after councilmember Kelly Howell resigned last November, was shocked by DeGrandpre’s announcement. “I was stunned that he resigned. I don’t think anyone knew he was going to. As far as his accusations, I am unaware of the issues he spoke of.”

The ripples and controversy that were provoked by DeGrandpre are expansive. Many residents took to Facebook to express their concerns about the fraud allegations and resignation. Mayor Pro-Tem, Adam Rush, posted, “I am not aware of any illegal meetings, and if they occurred, I am saddened by this. Eastvale will continue to grow smart and provide excellent service to our fabulous community.”

Bill Van Leeuwen, from Mt. SAC, posted, “Jeff, I do not know what is behind this, but it is your decision and I respect that. Thank you for all your work in organizing the city and the leadership you provided. Blessings to you and Deanne as you go forward form this point.”

DeGrandpre’s wife, Deanne, also resigned her position with the Eastvale Chamber of Commerce earlier that same week, stating that the family was moving out of the state.

When asked to further elaborate on what prompted his resignation, DeGrandpre elected not to respond. Regardless of his personal reasons for resigning, he has left a vacant seat on the council that will need to be filled prior to this November’s election. The City must now decide whether to hold a special election, or select a person to serve out DeGrandpre’s term, which will end in 2016.

And what, if anything, will transpire as a result of DeGrandpre’s allegations? That remains to be seen.

K.P. Sander contributed to this story.