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Eastvale Community Foundation (ECF) Hangs New Military Banners

By Jennifer Madrigal


Eastvale – The Eastvale Community Foundation (ECF) has begun the process of ordering and hanging new Military banners in the City. They recently replaced all the old mountings on 43 poles with heavy duty, hinged hardware that will help support the banners through our strong winds; and they removed all the broken banner arms. They also adjusted all the banners – including nine new tributes – to the height of 14 feet from the street. This adjusted height should eliminate the possibility of trucks hitting the lower arms.

The ECF has hired the Dekra-Lite company to produce the banners. The new material consists of two banners sewn together to provide extra durability.

Greg Coker – a recently retired Army Master Sergeant and new ECF board member – is now managing the program. While some of the details of the program are still being finalized, applications for the banners are available on the City’s website.

The ECF will be replacing banners previously removed due to damage, provided the individual is still in active military duty (which is the qualifier for all banners).

While the replacement of all previously removed banners will take some time to be mounted, the ECF is hoping to complete installations every few months. Going forward, newly approved banners will be set up with the next scheduled installation, once manufacturing is completed.

The ECF is very excited to be handling this program. “Honoring our military personnel is something that we are passionate about. Seeing all the nice, neat banners hanging proudly along Archibald fills my heart with pride,” said ECF Executive Director, Sharyn Link.

For more information about the Military Banner Program visit http://www.eastvaleca.gov.



Posted Date: 6/5/2014 2:15 PM
EASTVALE, CA (June 5, 2013) – On Tuesday, June 3rd the City of Eastvale in cooperation with Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD) installed ten (10) new military banners along Archibald Avenue between 65th Street and Grapewin Street in honor of Memorial Day.

“It makes our residents proud to see military banners waiving throughout the City to honor our residents and immediate family members who are serving on active duty in the United States Armed Forces,” said Mayor Ike Bootsma.

The Eastvale Military Banner Program is funded completely by donations from local businesses, residents and Eastvale non-profit organizations. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated.

“We truly appreciate the continued support for our Military Banner Program by our residents, local businesses and Eastvale non-profit organizations. In the last quarter, we received a generous donation from VantagePoint Church which was much appreciated. Without the support of our residents and community partners, we would not be able to fund this ongoing program,” said Bootsma. Jaime Benavidez Banner

Ten new military banners will be installed to honor the following military personnel:

Jamie Benavidez – U.S. Navy
Rebecca Chiaravalle – U.S. Air Force
George Cortez – U.S. Army
Nancy Cortez – U.S. Army
Devon Ehrhorn – U.S. Marine Corps
Breann Gonzalez – U.S. Marine Corps
Dustin Jose – U.S. Army
Daimon Olivas – U.S. Army
Pablo Paramo – U.S. Navy
Joshua White – U.S. Air Force

Jurupa Community Services District (JCSD) has generously donated their staff time and equipment towards installing the military banners. Their continued assistance and support of the program is greatly appreciated.

If you are interested in donating to Eastvale’s Military Banner Program, please send your contribution to:

City of Eastvale
Military Banner Program
12363 Limonite Avenue, Suite 910
Eastvale, CA 91752-3667

To learn more about Eastvale’s Military Banner Program, please visit http://www.EastvaleCA.gov for program details and an application.
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