Eaten Out Of House…

By Nef Cortez ​…And Home!.  Many a person who is a head of a household makes this outcry when facing the burdens and responsibilities of having to provide for their families.  They feel so burdened by trying to make ends meet, such as the home mortgage, the taxes, the insurance, utilities, and food.  However, there […]

Diamond Bar Home Sales Update!

By Nef Cortez Homes Sales Down! Home prices up! Usually when sales volume goes down, so do home prices. The fact that the number of homes sales in Diamond Bar decreased for a second consecutive quarter is not an indication that there is a lowering of demand for homes in this community. It is more […]

Interest Rates Going Up?

By Nef Cortez Housing affordability is greatly affected by the interest rate that one can secure when obtaining their loan. Interest rates go up and down, and are largely influenced by forces that affect all markets: Supply and Demand. Due to the Great Recession of 2008, long term mortgage interest rates have been low for […]

Rent or Buy?

By Nef Cortez Most people start their independent living when they first move out of their parent’s home by renting.  They either choose to rent a room at another person’s home, or possibly move into a friend’s apartment. Many times they go from that living arrangement to sharing the cost of renting an apartment or […]

Why Sell Now?!

By Nef Cortez How can it be a good time to buy and at the same time a good time to sell? Real Estate is local!  Although Macroeconomic factors are the overall influence on the real estate market, individual property values are most influenced by local market conditions. We have all heard the mantra “Location, […]

Real Estate Resolutions 2018!

By Nef Cortez Here we are at yet another New Year!  Time seems to pass us by so fast!  And as usual at this time of year we sit back and reflect what we accomplished last year and vow to make the New Year 2018 better with our New Year’s Day resolutions! And while you […]

Housing’s Happy New Year!

By Nef Cortez The Real Estate market has seen a continuing upward price increase in the last twelve months, closing out 2017 with a gain of approximately 6% across the US.  The prices have been increasing similarly here in Diamond Bar for the same period. The major concerns for the housing market over the last […]

House and Senate Pass Tax Reform and Jobs Act

By Nef Cortez The House of Representatives and the United States Senate have now passed the Tax Reform and Jobs Act, and will send the legislative bill to President Donald Trump for signature. There are some major changes in the Tax Act that will directly impact the housing industry and the real estate market. Specifically, […]

Diamond Bar Home Prices Soften!

By Nef Cortez Home prices in Diamond Bar have softened for the first time since the upturn from the Great Recession. According to the California Regional Multiple Listing Service, the Median Sales Price for all homes, townhomes and condominiums Sold in  Diamond Bar in the 3rd Quarter of 2017  stood at $580,000. (The Median Sales […]

Rent or Buy?

By Nef Cortez Most people start their independent living when they first move out of their parent’s home by renting.  They either choose to rent a room at another person’s home, or possibly move into a friend’s apartment. Many times they go from that living arrangement to sharing the cost of renting an apartment or […]

Giving Thanks for Housing

By Nef Cortez Everyone that has a “roof over their heads” has a reason to be Thankful.  Many of us were able to sit around the dinner table and enjoy this Thanksgiving with family and friends. In contrast, there are many unfortunate people throughout the world that are spent this Thanksgiving Day 2017 without one […]

Tax Reform and Housing

By Nef Cortez The current effort to Reform the Tax Code can have some very disconcerting consequences to homeownership in California. The incentives that are built into the tax code benefit Homeowners directly in the ability to claim as a deduction the interest paid on a home mortgage, as well as the property taxes paid. […]

Payoff Home Loan Early!

By Nef Cortez You can save tens of thousands of dollars, possibly even hundreds of thousands, in the repayment of your home loan by using a very simple money management trick.  The typical home loan that is taken out in the purchase of a home is written or amortized over a 30 years period.  The […]

Safety and Homeownership

By Nef Cortez One of the most important considerations when one is looking to buy a home is the safety of the community in which the home is located.  Diamond Bar has consistently ranked as one of the safest cities in the US, and without a question, in California. I attended Supervisor Janice Hahn’s first […]

Down Payment from 401(k)

By Nef Cortez Achieving the American Dream of owning your own home requires planning ahead, and a lot of discipline.  The American Dream for many is getting further and further away from their reach, as prices continue to increase.  The Dream Home, having “nice curb appeal” (appearance of the front of the home as viewed […]

Sources of a Down Payment

By Nef Cortez How much money does a person have to have in order to buy one’s home? The answer to this question, of course, varies in many ways. One variable is in what city one decides to make their home. That decision, of course, will affect the price of homes that a person has […]

Helping Homeless Veterans

By Nef Cortez Homeless veterans make up close to 10% of the Homeless population.  Although it is a very large number, it has decreased substantially from what it was 7 years before by approximately 40%.  The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV)lists  a very good outline of the types of services individuals or groups can […]

Housing Inventory Shortage Solutions

By Nef Cortez The Housing Inventory Shortage is becoming a bigger problem in many ways.  Economics 101 taught us that the change in either side of the Supply-Demand equation will create a change in outcomes to the marketplace. In this case, the Housing inventory is the supply, and being an illiquid investment, it does not […]

Housing the Homeless Part 3

By Nef Cortez The National Alliance to End Homelessness reports that there are currently over 500,000 homeless people in the United States. We have all seen “the homeless” as we drive to and from work, while running errands, at freeway off-ramps, underneath freeway overpasses, along the Santa Ana River near Anaheim Stadium. The 1/2 million […]

Housing the Homeless Part 2

By Nef Cortez Last week I wrote Part 1 of Housing the Homeless. Questions were posed as related to Organized Real Estate’s efforts to participate in the fight to end homelessness. As evident in cities across the country, it is a big problem that has had very negative effects on the quality of life for […]