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Eastvale: Largest Church in the City Breaks Ground on New Church Home

VantagePoint Church breaks ground on their new 10 acre church home in the city of Eastvale



Staff Reports

Eastvale – Founded in 2008, VantagePoint Church has grown from a handful of families to become the largest church in Eastvale, currently averaging over 1800 men women and children in 4 services each Sunday.  For nine of those years, they’ve been a portable church, meeting at Roosevelt High School. It has always been the church’s dream to build a permanent home in Eastvale to better serve their surrounding communities.

On Sunday, September 30, 2018, VantagePoint Church’s dream took one step closer to fulfillment as they celebrated their official groundbreaking at their new church home, 8500 Archibald Ave, Eastvale, CA 92880.

Over 2000 people gathered on the 10 acre property to dedicate the land to God and to the vision He has for their property. Gathered with the people of VantagePoint Church were several members of the Eastvale City Council, including Mayor Clint Lorimore and Mayor Pro Tem Todd Rigby.

Construction of the church facility has begun and will continue through October of 2019, when the new campus of VantagePoint Church Eastvale will open its doors to the community. The campus will initially consist of a state of the art 650 seat auditorium, children’s buildings, and community spaces.  Eventually, the church’s master plan calls for a larger 1250 seat auditorium, a splash pad, cafe, and community meeting spaces.

Until construction is finished, VantagePoint Church continues to meet at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Eastvale on Sundays at 8:30am, 10am, 11:30am, and 6pm. Visit their website at: http://www.vantagepointchurch.org.

Walnut: Mayor Meets With Religious Leaders




Walnut City Hall (Photo Courtesy: City of Walnut)

Walnut – Following a May 5 Supreme Court decision ruling that religious invocations were acceptable at city council and other public board meetings, Mayor Tony Cartagena met with several religious leaders in the area on July 1 to discuss an open invitation to all religions wishing to deliver a prayer to the residents of Walnut.

The original lawsuit was brought on by two women in Greece, New York – one Jewish, and one atheist – claiming that the city’s invocations featured prayers to Jesus Christ and were specifically aimed at Christianity.

After the United States Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of allowing religious invocations at city meetings, Cartagena decided to hold a meeting to ensure that even with the large population of Catholic and Christian residents, the Walnut City Council invocation is open to all religions as long as they do not degrade the message of any other religion and do not force their beliefs on unwilling attendees. Cartagena reached out to all local churches and religious groups to discuss a schedule for reading invocations during upcoming council meetings.

According to Cartagena, the meeting had representatives from the First Baptist Church of Walnut, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the City Blessing Church of Walnut, the Gospel Life Community Church, and the Walnut United Methodist Church.

Cartagena said the meeting was successful and allowed for each responding representative to learn about the rules regarding the deliverance of invocations and that the City Council meetings would soon play host to various religious leaders who would like to offer their prayers to the community.

Furthermore, Cartagena said he was happy with the Supreme Court’s decision because Walnut has a long standing tradition of hosting prayers at the City Council meetings.

“By having invocations at the Walnut City Council sessions, religious leaders could play important roles in seeking help from our almighty God for the legislative body to formulate decisions that would enhance Walnut’s quality of life, among other things,” said Cartagena. The mayor also called the meetings “essential” to the local government.

Some religious leaders, like High Priest Missionary, Felix Maico, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said the inclusion of many religions during the invocation will help strengthen the community because it would create connections between the many religions in the city. Maico also noted that freedom of religion is the right of all American citizens and that every religion should have the chance to believe in whatever they want to believe.

Pastor Paul Tan, of City Blessing Church of Walnut, said the decision to allow invocations from all religions will be a boon for the city and its residents, because it will give some individuals the chance to see the friendliness behind other religions.

“It will be beneficial because we need to know one another,” Tan said. “Sometimes we don’t love one another because we don’t know one another. Maybe this will change that.”


Eastvale: One Impossible Possiblity


Pastor Rob Norris

Pastor Rob Norris (image courtesy of Google Images)

“Bearing with one another, and forgiving each other, whoever has a complaint against anyone; just as the Lord forgave you, so also should you.”

 Colossians 3:13

Are there things that someone has done to you that you think you could never forgive?

You are not alone. Ron Luce, president of Teen Mania Ministries, shares a story that many can identify with.

Ron came to faith in Christ as a teenager after enduring an abusive home life. Not long after his conversion, God began to convict him of his need to forgive his mom for the evil things she had done and said to him as a boy. Things like hitting him in the face, crushing a cigarette butt out on his back, telling him when he was 13 years old, “Why don’t you do me a favor and kill yourself?”

Initially, Ron reacted with typical human disbelief. How could he forgive his mom? She didn’t deserve it. But in time, God broke through, and Ron decided he needed to forgive his mother.

So Ron started carrying around Scriptures on little cards–verses about forgiveness he could meditate on and memorize. He began desperately praying that God would give him the ability to give up his right to punish her. It wasn’t easy, and it didn’t happen overnight. But one day as a senior in high school, he remembers praying, “Lord, You need to reach my mom and touch her, because I love her.”

He couldn’t believe what he’d just said. “I love her?” He had never spoken those three words before in his entire life! “But I do love her. I do love my mom, and You’re the One who put it there, Lord. You must have done it.”

We can forgive, because He forgave us. He shows us a better way. A way of freedom from bitterness and punishment. Christ does it through us, and He can do it through you.

Live It:

What impossible injustices–things you’ve grown weary of dealing with on your own–do you need to hand over to Christ? Make a list and ask Him to lead you to full forgiveness.


Pray for whatever He must do in you to free you to forgive.  Meeting at River Heights Intermediate School,

Sundays @10:00 7227 Scholar Way, Eastvale, CA 92880 951-847-6836 http://www.atthecrossings.com.  Trusting and Believing with you!

Pastor Rob