Four Table Legs

By Sarah Sanchez I work with the youth ministry at our local church, so I’m around teenagers about twice a week, in addition to talking to them almost daily. As I’ve worked with the local youth, I’ve begun to understand that they have a lot more to deal with than when I was in school. […]

ABC PR VP Advances within Her Life

Staff Reports  Sarah Sanchez, the Vice President of Public Relations for ABC Public Relations and the Editor of Armijo News served her last day last Friday to begin a job within her field, counseling. She was with the company for over 9 years, spanning from her summer job she began while in high school. “It’s […]

You Think We Don’t Notice

By Sarah Sanchez   I’m a small group leader for our church’s high school ministry, and the most common prayer request is for my students’ parents. The students I have are very aware of their parents’ problems (whether the parents know it or not), because the requests range from “my parents are fighting,” or “my parents […]