Navigating The ‘Main Street Squeeze’

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Corona – If you are one of the local commuters who travel into the perfect storm of the 15 and 91 Freeways merging with the influx of vehicles entering from Main Street on your way to work, there might be some relief in your near future.

The Corona Police Department is offering five tips to help you navigate the traffic, and perhaps make for a more enjoyable drive.

  1. Allow extra travel time. Do yourself a favor and leave for work or school a little earlier. That will help you relax and be more patient as your drive through this area.
    2. Make good driving decisions. When the road narrows, move over and get behind the car in front of you. Please don’t try to go around that car and then get stuck at the K-rail (cement barrier) up ahead. There are “No U-Turn” signs at Third St. and on Grand Blvd, so don’t try and make a U-turn. Please follow all rules of the road and be patient during this time.
    3. Pay attention. Travel conditions will be changing during the next two years. K-rails will be shifting. There may be some additional lane closures at night. Follow the signs, put down your cell phones, and please be respectful with other motorists and contractors.
    4. Know alternate routes. The eastbound on-ramp of Main Street will be closed, so use Lincoln Ave., Magnolia Ave., McKinley St. or Hidden Valley Pkwy. instead.
    5. Watch for workers and equipment. Although crews will be primarily working behind K-rails, there are exceptions. Please keep an eye out for crew members and their vehicles. Safety is paramount and we want everyone to make it home safely.

The Corona Police Department would like to reiterate that this is a temporary inconvenience that will ultimately benefit all commuters in the long run traveling through this area. Please remember that we’re all in this together.