Superheroes In Our Midst

Pastor Mark Lee

Pastor Mark Lee

By Pastor Mark Lee

Earlier this month, one of the year’s most highly anticipated movies was released.  Since then, people across the country have been flocking to theaters to see the Marvel franchise’s latest installment, “Avengers:  Age of Ultron.”  The film’s box office success is not surprising.  From Captain America to Wolverine, superheroes have been appealing to audiences for decades.

There are many theories about why society is drawn to these types of characters.  Some say it is because we have a deep desire for someone to help us tackle our toughest problems.  Others believe it is because superheroes are marked as special, which is something we all want for ourselves.  Whatever the case may be, the idea of a single individual possessing the power to change the world is extremely appealing.

So, what exactly makes someone a superhero?  The answer may lie in one of the genre’s most popular characters.  Batman, or Bruce Wayne, is just a regular guy who uses his resources for the greater good.  He may not have special powers, but he is determined to do the right thing and help his fellow man.

The month of May is dedicated to real-life people who do just this.  Not only is this “National Military Appreciation Month,” but there are also days and weeks set aside to honor teachers, nurses, and police officers.  And, of course, who could forget Mother’s Day?  The truth is that our community is filled with everyday superheroes that are committed to making a difference.

In Mark 9:35, Jesus said “Anyone who wants to be first must be the very last, and the servant of all.”  You see, it doesn’t take a Batmobile to be a superhero.  It simply takes a selfless heart.

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