VantagePoint Church to Host Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Staff Reports Eastvale– For the eleventh consecutive year, a popular springtime event will be returning to Eastvale. On Saturday, April 13 2019, VantagePoint Church will host its annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Roosevelt High School Football Stadium.  The celebration will take place between 9 a.m. and 12 Noon. Easter egg hunts for children of […]

Hayden & Rhodes

By Pastor Mark Hopper   For decades states along the Colorado River like California, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Colorado had fought in court over how much water each of them should receive from the the river.  In the 1960’s the United States Supreme Court determined that Arizona was entitled to a specific amount of water […]

When We Are Drowning In Our Blessings

By Pastor Mark Lee Last month, California’s prayers were answered.  After years of water shortages and dry weather, the sky opened up and rain began to fall.  And fall.  Within weeks, approximately 80% of the state’s historic drought had ended.  Californians, however, soon found themselves drowning in their blessings.  As the soil became saturated and […]

The Approval Addiction

By Pastor Mark Lee Last month, a satirical video of Ben Affleck created a buzz when it was posted online. The short clip spotlighting the Batman vs. Superman star’s melancholic response to his movie’s negative reviews quickly went viral. Millions of viewers were drawn to “Sad Ben Affleck” because it comically combines images of the […]

Vantagepoint Helps Feed Needy Children

By Pastor Adam DeCorte EASTVALE– During the month of April, VantagePoint church will be providing nutritious meals for children and families in need. Did you know that over 795 million people in the world don’t have enough food to lead a healthy, active life? That’s 1 out of every 9 people on Earth. We make […]

March Is The Real Month For Love

By Pastor Mark Lee Last month, an estimated $13 billion was spent celebrating Valentine’s Day.  Approximately 200 million roses, 180 million cards, and 58 million pounds of chocolate were purchased in the name of love.  Despite all of the money that consumers shelled out, many people admitted that they were less than enthusiastic about February […]

The Road to Humility

By Pastor Mark Lee As our country prepares to elect the next President of the United States, the men and women vying for the position face off in a series of televised debates.  These verbal battles are where campaigns are bolstered, promises are made, and plans are outlined.  During these events, the candidates’ speaking abilities, […]

Kindness is Contagious

By Pastor Mark Lee Complimentary cups of coffee, free lunches, and other fun surprises were recently gifted to people throughout the Inland Empire as part of a special project launched by VantagePoint Church on December 13. Everyone attending services that Sunday was invited to partner with the church in an effort to spread love and […]

Giving Love This Holiday Season

  By Sarah Sanchez Eastvale– On Saturday, Dec. 5, VantagePoint Church showed God’s love to over 470 families at their annual Christmas Gift Mart. Economically disadvantaged families in the surrounded areas were invited to purchase brand new Christmas presents for their children at only $2 per toy. Over 2,300 gifts were available for purchase, which […]

Give Peace a Chance This Thanksgiving

By Pastor Mark Lee Millions of Americans will soon be giving thanks while gorging on platefuls of turkey.  Although Thanksgiving became a national holiday in 1863, this feasting tradition can be traced back several hundred years earlier to Plymouth, Massachusetts. In 1621, Puritan settlers celebrated their first good harvest with an impressive banquet. The most […]

Halloween Candy And Other Temptations

By Pastor Mark Lee October is magical.  The leaves change colors, the weather cools down, and stores begin stocking copious amounts of individually wrapped candies. As we all know, these delightful treats are hard to resist.  Retailers estimate that Americans buy nearly 600 million pounds of candy a year.  Although these sweets are purchased primarily […]

The Weary Need To Rest

By Pastor Mark Lee Physical exertion is vital to the success of any athlete.  However, allowing the body to rest is of equal importance.  When we exercise, our muscle tissue is torn and our energy is depleted.  The human body needs the time between workouts to repair and strengthen itself.  For this reason, many athletes […]

There Is Beauty In Our Brokenness

By Pastor Mark Lee In 2002, a reality show involving dramatic home improvements debuted.  Every week, viewers would tune into ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover to watch as rundown residences were transformed into impressive works of art.  More often than not, the construction crew would have to completely demolish the existing building before an amazing new […]

It’s Time To Catch On Fire!

By Pastor Mark Lee This month, hundreds of thousands of people will commemorate the birth of our nation by enjoying a firework show – or two!  Pyrotechnic displays have become a national tradition, with Americans using them to celebrate their independence for more than two hundred years.  In fact, an article published in a 1777 […]

Where Do You Find Your Hope?

By Pastor Mark Lee In many ways, this time of year is all about hope.  Whether you are preparing to graduate, planning a wedding, or simply anticipating a vacation, this month is full of promise.  Because of this, June has the ability to turn everybody into school kids anxiously awaiting the start of summer.  After […]

Superheroes In Our Midst

By Pastor Mark Lee Earlier this month, one of the year’s most highly anticipated movies was released.  Since then, people across the country have been flocking to theaters to see the Marvel franchise’s latest installment, “Avengers:  Age of Ultron.”  The film’s box office success is not surprising.  From Captain America to Wolverine, superheroes have been […]

7th Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Staff Reports Eastvale – A popular springtime event and community tradition will soon be returning! For the seventh consecutive year, VantagePoint Church will host its annual Easter Egg Hunt on Sat., Apr. 4, at the Eleanor Roosevelt High School Football Stadium. “This fun-filled event has always drawn a large crowd and every year the attendance […]

A Season of Renewal

By Pastor Mark Lee Although Eastvale residents may not notice much of a change, some individuals living in other parts of the United States are currently celebrating the official end of winter.  At the same time California has been experiencing temperatures in excess of 90 degrees, New England and parts of the northeast have seen […]

Fan or Follower?

By Pastor Mark Lee More than 100 million Americans recently gathered around their television sets in celebration of what many consider to be an unofficial national holiday.  Whether these viewers were rooting for the Seattle Seahawks, wearing New England Patriot jerseys, or simply wanted to watch the commercials,  they were – if only for Super […]

Curing Your Holiday Heart Condition

Pastor Mark Lee of Vantage Point in Eastvale

BY PASTOR MARK LEE Whether it is the tale of a boy and a BB gun, the account of an old man haunted by ghosts, or the story of an overgrown elf searching for his parents, Christmas movies are one of the most anticipated aspects of the holidays. And, of the hundreds of films created […]