There Is Beauty In Our Brokenness

Mark Lee NewBy Pastor Mark Lee

In 2002, a reality show involving dramatic home improvements debuted.  Every week, viewers would tune into ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover to watch as rundown residences were transformed into impressive works of art.  More often than not, the construction crew would have to completely demolish the existing building before an amazing new establishment could be built.

One of the key elements highlighted in each Extreme Home Makeover episode was the reason behind the home’s disrepair.  Even though the featured families were decent human beings, they had fallen on hard times.  Whether it was because of a natural disaster, a financial crisis, or a devastating illness, these unfortunate people had found themselves unable to make the necessary repairs.

In many ways, our lives are similar to home maintenance.  Usually, we don’t have a problem fulfilling our responsibilities, nurturing our relationships, and taking care of our personal needs.  But at some point, we also encounter times of crisis.  Whether caused by something beyond our control or the result of our own poor choices, our lives can suddenly and unexpectedly fall into disrepair.

While it is very hard to embrace these troubles, the reality is that hard times are often necessary.  Just as the construction team on Extreme Home Makeover has to tear down an existing structure before replacing it with a masterpiece, our personal and spiritual brokenness needs to occur before we can transform into stronger, more mature individuals,

Matthew 5:3 tells us, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”  Although it is difficult to navigate a major crisis, there is always beauty in our brokenness.  Sometimes you have to tear down a shack before building a mansion.

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