A Great-Full Heart

Tim Eaton

Tim Eaton

By Pastor Tim Eaton

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Are you ready for it? I don’t mean do you have all the trappings of a fabulous turkey dinner or your plans all set to see family and friends.  I mean are you ready to give thanks?  Have you started already, or do you not yet have enough to be thankful for?  As Thanksgiving approaches do you have a grateful heart or are you continually seeking more?

It’s hard to be grateful when it seems we don’t have enough.  It may seem like there is never enough time, money, resources, or help.  It’s not only hard to be grateful, it’s easy to be scared; scared that there isn’t enough, we won’t have what we need, and won’t get what we want.  When a lack of stuff scares us it isn’t long before we lash out at others – afraid they will take, use, or loose what should be ours.  It’s no wonder that an attitude of scarcity grows like a hunger in us that can never be satisfied.

But is it possible we actually have more than we need?  Maybe we have so much we don’t even realize it could be put to better use.  Perhaps it could be better appreciated instead of squandered.

King David wrote Psalm 23 while he was clearly in danger of being killed by his enemies.  It may have been written during one of the many times he fled his own kingdom to find safety (“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…in the presence of my enemies”).  It is likely he took little with him for the journey.  From the attitude of scarcity he seems to have nothing.  But David sees life from an attitude of abundance saying things like: “I lack nothing” and “my cup overflows.” His heart is Great and Full, not because of what he has, but because he trusts that God will graciously provide all that he truly needs.  A Great and Full heart is the antidote to the hunger of scarcity.  Have your heart filled every Sunday at Edgewater.

P.S. – Mark your calendars, Comedian Nazareth will be at Edgewater, January 2 and 3.

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