Roaring or Running?

By Pastor Tim Eaton There is an old adage about the instinct to fight or flight.  It suggests that when something challenging comes into our life we will react in one of two predetermined ways.  I believe that you are not necessarily a runner or a fighter, but different stimulus will create a different response.  […]

Vacation Bible School Returns

Edgewater Lutheran Church’s 10th Annual Vacation Bible School returns this June 10th through the 14th from 5:00 pm to 7:30pm. It will be held at Harada Elementary School which is located at 12884 Oakdale Street in Corona. This year VBS has a fun African Sahara theme where kids will learn that although life can be […]

Easter H.O.P.E.

By Pastor Tim Eaton Hopeless.  What does that mean to you?  Does it resonate with you? Is it where you are at?  Hopeless means that we believe we are at the end of the road.  It means we believe that there is no more opportunity for positive change.  We are expecting things to get worse.  […]

Joy Stealers

By Pastor Tim Eaton Joy.  Its as much a part of Christmas as trees, gifts, mangers, and mall Santas.  We see signs that say it, and hear songs that sing about it.  But do we have it? The tragedy of Christmas is that we often find a million reasons not to have joy at this […]

Rolling Stone

By Pastor Tim Eaton Have you ever imagined yourself walking with Jesus back in His time here on earth? What kind of relationship would you have had with Him? Do you liken yourself to John, “The disciple whom Jesus loved?” Or would you be more like Peter, and deny Him three times even though you […]

New Life

By Pastor Tim Eaton Easter has become synonymous with spring.  It’s a time of new life.  Just look at every hill and mountain you can see from our city.  An abundance of rain this winter has brought new green growth everywhere.  It seems miraculous that these once brown-with-death hills are covered in the lushness of […]

Snuggle Up

By Tim Eaton  Fall is in the air.  The kids are deciding on Halloween costumes, you are sipping on pumpkin spice something, apple cider suddenly sounds appealing, the frantic pace of fall sports has begun, and for a few days the temperature has finally dipped below 90 degrees. One of the great comforts and escapes […]


By Pastor Tim Eaton What does a nun wear that everyone has? Habits! Far too often we simply float along through life.  Maybe we attribute our station in life to fate, or think that our life is just the way it has to be.  Even our daily routine may seem like something we have no […]

The Power Of Story

By Pastor Tim Eaton Stories are a powerful thing.  They help our children go to bed.  A great love story can inspire romance and hope in our own life.  A movie with a great story can change our societies’ perception of people and events.  A great story can move us to action.  But what about […]

The Power Of Story

By Pastor Tim Eaton   Stories are a powerful thing.  They help our children go to bed.  A great love story can inspire romance and hope in our own life.  A movie with a great story can change our societies’ perception of people and events.  A great story can move us to action.  But what […]

Rest For The Weary

By Pastor Tim Eaton Summer is now fully upon us.  The mercury is rising, the days are long, and we tend to have a little extra time.  And the age-old question confronts us, “What are you going to do this summer?”  For some reason, summer has become the time to do everything, from vacation to […]

Behind The Music

By Pastor Tim Eaton   Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, XM-Radio…the list goes on and on.  It looks like we can’t live without our music.  Why is that?  It seems we need a soundtrack for our lives. Think about your playlists or “stations” on music services.  Why do you need so many?  We have playlists or stations […]

Thanks Mom!

By Pastor Tim Eaton   How often have you heard that?  Maybe not often enough.  Even when you have heard it, the thankfulness might not last long.  An even worse reality is that kids often say “Thanks Mom” sarcastically because they are not thankful at all.   You might say that most of the time, being […]

Follow Me

By Pastor Tim Eaton I recently had the opportunity to watch The Hunger Games:  Mockingjay – Part 2.  The movie follows the journey of Katniss Everdeen, as she prepares to wage war on President Snow.  Throughout the film, she is used by various powers because she is someone to follow.  People of all ages, from […]

The Living Hope

By Pastor Tim Eaton Perhaps the most important day for Christians the world over, Resurrection Sunday – or Easter – has such profound meaning because it all happened just as Jesus Christ said that it would, and it also showed that He had victory over death. It gave hope to believers as no other event […]

You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling…”

By Pastor Tim Eaton We pass an old picture in the hallway.  We see friends begin a new love.  A romantic movie touches our hearts. Whatever it is, we sometimes wonder where the love in our own life has gone.  It seems like most everything around us is designed to drain the last drop of […]

Start The Year With Laughter

By Pastor Tim Eaton   It’s no laughing matter.  Recent news events have been some of the most horrific we have heard in a long time.  From across the globe to our own back yard, people of evil intent have sought to take lives and frighten others to their core.  It’s demoralizing to hear the […]

A Great-Full Heart

By Pastor Tim Eaton Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Are you ready for it? I don’t mean do you have all the trappings of a fabulous turkey dinner or your plans all set to see family and friends.  I mean are you ready to give thanks?  Have you started already, or do you not […]

Seasons Change

By Pastor Tim Eaton If you live in Southern California, the weather may not have cooled and palm trees rarely loose their leaves, but there is still a change in the air. It’s a season of stress:  back to school, sports, dance, scouts, and clubs – they all compete for precious little time as fall […]


By Pastor Tim Eaton You have seen the bumper sticker. You likely know someone who believes something different about God than you do. In fact, you probably know lots of different people with lots of different ideas about God, the origin and purpose of life, and how we should live. The existence of many different […]